The semester will be conducted with both digital and on-campus classes. You will be exposed to an exciting academic, social and digital learning environment, all while university staff closely monitor the corona situation. You can be assured that we take infection control seriously and that we follow the national recommendations at all times. Students can keep updated on the situation on nmbu.no/en/students.

Digital Matriculation Ceremony at 1.00 pm Friday 14th august

Welcome to all New Students!

For those of you who will begin your first year at NMBU - A thousand thanks that you have choosen us! I am very pleased by this. Not only because more than ever Norway needs engaged students like you. As rector, I am also pleased because welcoming new students is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Unfortunately, this year's welcome for new students will not be the same as usual. You probably expected this already. Normally we have an official matriculation ceremony on the large lawn in the heart of Campus Ås. We will have to have this celebration at another time. Nevertheless we will meet face to face when you start your studies at NMBU.

In August, you will meet your faculty, fellow students and buddies. I hope and believe that you will quickly make new friends. Here you can see this year's new Buddy General, Vegard Hansen, who will tell you about the Buddy Week.

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Whatever autumn and your future studies brings, know that at NMBU we take good care of eachother. And we will resume all normal on-campus activities as soon as we can.

A heartfelt welcome to everyone! Otherwise, best wishes for the summer!

Regards Sjur Baardsen, NMBU Rector

Welcome to Norway's Sustainable University

At the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) our vision is "Knowledge for Life", and our primary goal is "collective effort for a sustainable future". These are the guiding principles for everything we do, both for students and staff, within education, research and innovation and in everyday life at the university.

At NMBU we have a long tradition of thinking sustainable development in the way we teach and research new knowledge. We are used to thinking big together and asking questions such as "how will we produce enough and safe food for 10 billion people in 2050?" and " how do we secure clean water for everyone?".

Our academic fields which range from technology to veterinary medicine, and from biotechnology to landscape architecture, just to name a few, are in way tailormade to contribute in finding solutions, both to these and the numerous other global challenges in the sustainability goals. The solutions can be found on the cutting edge of our fields of expertise, and as an NMBU student you can be a pioneer and contribute to finding these solutions, ideally in collaboration with your fellow students from other academic fields.

NMBU's goal is to educate students who are competent, reflective and have an international perspective which can contribute to change and development. In addition to a solid academic foundation in one or more of our academic fields, as an NMBU student you will have the opportunity to obtain key competences such as interdisciplinarity, critical thinking and creativity. This is how you can become agents for change which our society needs for a sustainable future.

Rehgards Solve Sæbø, NMBU Prorector of Education

Published 11. June 2020 - 9:05 - Updated 14. August 2020 - 10:55