Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine

5,5 years

Gisle Bjørneby, NMBU

Degree title: Cand. Med. Vet.

Number of students
Autumn 2019
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A school leaving certificate incorporating mathematics and chemistry is required. Applicants must be fluent in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language. Admission is based on final school grades and is highly competitive.

What can you use this qualification for?

This is a five and a half year professional degree programme.  Successful candidates become qualified veterinary surgeons.


What will you learn?

The programme qualifies candidates for a wide spectrum of jobs within the veterinary profession, and other work requiring competence in medical science and biology - e.g. private practice with production animals, companion animals and horses, and food safety/public health work, fish health, animal welfare, slaughter house management, pharmaceutical industry, teaching, research etc.

Detailed requirements

A high level of Norwegian proficiency is required in order to be eligible for admission. Documentation is required as the program is taught exclusively in Norwegian.