Thesis requirements

The thesis shall be an independent, scientific work that fulfils international standards and is of high academic quality in terms of the formulation of research questions, the specification of concepts, the methodological, theoretical and empirical basis, documentation, the use of literature and the form of presentation.

The thesis shall contribute to the development of new scientific knowledge and must be of sufficiently high academic quality to merit publication as part of the scientific literature in the field. (§10 in the PhD regulations)

What to do if you want to include a published academic paper into the thesis?

  • Include post-print versionen (version after the peer review, before the publisher's pdf-version) if the paper has been published in a subscription magazine.
  • Include the publisher's pdf-version if the paper already has been opened up for access on the internet (Gold Open Access or free access). 

Article-based thesis

The doctoral thesis must normally comprise three scientific articles that are publishable in scientific journals, and you have to be first author of a minimum of two of the articles.

The thesis must also contain an introductory chapter which summarises and compares the research questions and conclusions presented in the shorter works in an overall perspective, and which also documents the coherence of the thesis. You must be sole author of the summary.

Co-author's declarations

When you are not the sole author, signed authorship declarations specifying the research contributions of both you and the co-author(s) shall accompany the submission of the thesis. You are responsible for obtaining such declarations.

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