Submitting your thesis

Prior to thesis submission


PhD candidate sends one single email to (and Cc main supervisor) with the following:

  • NMBU 4.2 Submission of thesis (word document)
  • A confirmation from main supervisor (via email/letter) that s/he recommends the submission of the thesis.
  • PhD thesis in PDF format:
    • - The thesis must include all published articles and unpublished manuscripts, including supplementary material. It must be in a form that is ready for printing. 
    • - ISBN, ISSN and Thesis number must appear on the front page of the thesis. 
    • - A Norwegian title must be stated below the English title on the front page of the thesis.

The following documents must be attached if relevant:

  • NMBU 4.3 Co-authorship declaration (if the thesis includes scientific articles that have multiple co-authors)
    • - Signatures from the most important co-authors, maximum 5 per article/manuscript.
    • - Submit one PDF file per article/manuscript, and name them Co-authorship declarations Paper 1; Co-authorship declarations Paper 2, Co-authorship declarations Paper 3, etc...
    • - All signatures must be clearly visible.
  • Documentation that necessary authorisations have been obtained. This may include ethical approvals necessary for your research, approval for the use of figures in 'kappen', and documentation to re-use and re-print published articles, etc.

PhD advisor sends the thesis and Form 4.2 and to Head of Department for approval before it could be shared with the evaluation committee.

About the date for the trial lecture and public defense

Main supervisor may suggest 2-3 desired dates for the public defense in NMBU 4.1 Proposal for evaluation committee- We will try to accommodate your wish as much as we could. The date you get will depend on several factors: 

  • Members of the evaluation committee must be available. 
  • The Chair of Defense must be available. 
  • A suitable room must be available.

Please note that the evaluation committee require at least 6 weeks and at most 3 months (from the date that they receive the thesis) to evaluate the thesis. Thire evaluation report must be submitted no later than 25 working days prior to the trial lecture and public defense. 

Please note that the date is tentative until the thesis is approved for public defense by the evaluation committee and the Faculty. You can expect to receive the evaluation no later than 20 working days prior to the trial lecture and public defense. It would therefore be wise to hold the invitations to the defense dinner until you know there will be a defense. 

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