Submitting your thesis

Before submission:

  • Before you can submit your thesis for evaluation, the educational component must be approved by the Faculty, use FORM 3.1.
  • Your main supervisor fills in the FORM 4.1 “Proposal for members of evaluation committee” and sends this electronically to the Head of your Department.
  • You fill in the submission form (FORM 4.2), and submit this form and one copy of your thesis to the Head of your Department.
  • When the Head of your Department has signed the forms, the thesis is ready to be send to the evaluation committee.
  • You order a set of prescribed numbers for your thesis; “ISBN-nr. ISSN-nr og Thesis-nr” by sending an email to the NMBU Library:
  • The PhD advisor is responisble for sending the thesis to the evaluation committee.


Submission of thesis:

After the Head of your Department has approved and signed the submission form (see above), you submit the following electronically to the PhD advisors ( at the Faculty:   

  • The submission form (signed by the Head of your Department)
  • PDF file of your thesis


The following documents must be attached if relevant:

  • Declaration of co-authorship for an article-based thesis for all manuscripts/articles written by more than one author (FORM 4.3).
  • A statement from the main supervisor to clarify which parts of the thesis constitute the candidate’s own contribution in a joint work (a joint work is defined as one thesis with several candidates as co-authors).
  • Documentation that the necessary authorisations have been obtained.


About the date for the trial lecture and public defense: 

You can write the date you wish for the trial lecture and public defense on FORM 4.2 - We will try to accommodate your wish to the best of our ability. The date you get will depend on the following: 

  • The evaluation committee must be available - They should have at least 6 weeks to evaluate the thesis and the evaluation must be submitted 25 working days prior to the trial lecture and public defense. 
  • The disputation leader must be available. 
  • The Festival Hall (Festsalen) must be available. 

Please note that the date you get will be tentative. This means that nothing is certain before the thesis is approved for public defense by the evaluation committee. You can expect to get the evaluation 20 working days prior to the trial lecture and public defense. It would therefore be wise to hold the invitations to the disputation dinner until you know there will be a disputation. 



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