A thesis must be printed exactly how it was submitted. Only formal corrections (“errata”) that do not affect the scientific content may be made before the final printing or publication. 

You may apply to the faculty for permission to correct formal errors in the thesis after submission. The application must be accompanied by a complete list of the errors (errata) that you wish to correct. The errors may only be given if the errata list is approved by the faculty and a print approval is given. An application to correct formal errors must be submitted no less than four (4) weeks before the disputation, and such an application can be made only once. The list of errata forms the last page of the printed version of the thesis.

You are allowed to correct the following formal errors: 
- spelling and language mistakes
- punctuation and reference errors
- page layout, text format etc.

You are NOT allowed to:
- You cannot change the version, or the status, of a manuscript/an article in your PhD thesis between submission and printing.
For example, an article with the status "in press" cannot be exchanged with a journal's printed version, and change status to "published" prior to printing.

Form 4.7. Errata

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