A thesis that is approved for public defence is ready to be printed. It must be printed exactly as it was approved, with one exception: Errata list

The PhD candidate can apply once to the Faculty for permission to correct formal errors (errata) in the approved thesis to be made public. The form NMBU 4.6 Errata must include an errata list, showing the corrections the candidate wishes to make to the thesis. The deadline for application to correct formal errors is five working days after the candidate has received the evaluation report. The errata list must be approved by the faculty before the thesis can be printed

The Evaluation Committee must be informed by the faculty about the approved errata list.

Allowed corrections of the following formal errors

  • Spelling and language mistakes that make the text linguistically incorrect
  • Punctuation and reference errors 
  • Page layout, text format etc.

Not allowed corrections

  • Specify or change the meaning of the text
  • Make changes to the content of tables
  • Change version or change status in manuscripts/ articles in your PhD thesis. For example, an article with the status "in press" cannot be exchanged with a journal's printed version, and change status to "published" prior to printing.

It is no longer required that the errata list be included as the last page of the PhD thesis, but the corrections may be made in the PhD thesis itself upon approval before it is sent for printing. 

Published 4. August 2017 - 11:58 - Updated 1. February 2022 - 15:09