Doctoral examination

The doctoral degree examination consists of two parts, the trial lecture and the public defence. Please find more elaborate information on the proceedings here: trial lecture and public defence. The faculty will make an announcement for the trial lecture and the public defence on the NMBU webpages, in addition to on the Intranet as well as by email to all members of staff at the faculty. 

The public defence is to be a scholarly discussion between the opponents and the PhD candidate on the formulation of research questions, the methodological, empirical and theoretical basis of the thesis, and the documentation and form of presentation. Particular emphasis should be placed on testing the tenability of important conclusions drawn by the PhD candidate in the thesis. The questions the opponents choose to pursue need not be limited to those discussed in the committee’s statement on the thesis. After both opponents have concluded their questioning and the PhD candidate have been given the opportunity to defend the thesis, members of the audience must be given the opportunity to comment ex auditorio.

The evaluation committee assesses both the trial lecture and public defence by completing NMBU 4.5c Evaluation of the trial lecture and public defence (word document). 

Published 4. August 2017 - 11:59 - Updated 26. May 2021 - 14:12