After submission



The faculty approves the proposal regarding the evaluation committee. A submitted thesis may not be withdrawn before a final decision has been made as to whether it merits a public defence.

The committee shall reach a conclusion as to whether:

  • The thesis merits a public defence without any changes.
  • The thesis merits defence but contains minor defects that must be rectified before the defence takes place. The PhD candidate is then given a deadline of three months to rework the thesis. The evaluation committee must submit its final recommendation within six weeks of receiving the revised thesis.
  • The thesis is not approved. A non-approved PhD thesis may be evaluated in a revised version at the earliest six (6) months after the faculty's decision.

The evaluation committee submits its recommendation (FORM 4.4) to the faculty no later than 25 working days before the planned public defence. The PhD adviser sends you the evaluation shortly after. 


Press Release

NMBU wish to make the work known to a broader audience than the university itself. As soon as the thesis is approved by the Evaluation Committee, please download and fill in the press release form and submit it to The Communication Department will from this information be able to prepare an article for the internet ahead of the public defence. Some advice on how to present your work to make the reader have a glimpse of the achievements and what has been done is given in the press release form.


Printing the thesis

The final version of the thesis is printed when the evaluation committee has approved the thesis for public defence.

The PhD candidate orders the printing by sending an email to a printer company with NMBU agreement. They will have the correct NMBU official templates and design for the thesis cover. The printers will produce the number of theses set by the candidate and will send an electronic pdf version of the thesis as it will be printed to the PhD candidate.

Information about what you need to prepare and list of NMBU printers with agreement

If the thesis is to be printed in Norwegian, or if you are to hold a public defence for the Dr. Philos. degree, you must make this clear to the printers so that they choose the correct template.


Compulsory deliveries, printed version

  • A pdf-version of the printed thesis to 
  • Deliver 50 copies of the printed thesis to StudForsk Veterinærhøgskolen. 
  • Proof of upload into NMBU Brage of the final print version of the thesis (in pdf). (A description of how to upload below)
  • The above will be archived by the faculty.

Printed copies will be distributed by the printer company to the National Library of Norway (5 copies) and to the University Library (1 copy).


Publicising the thesis

  • The printed thesis must be publicly available two weeks before the public defence, cf. section 17 in the PhD regulations.
  • The thesis will be made public in the submitted form, but with errata, cf section 15.3 in the PhD regulations)
  • No restrictions may be placed on the doctoral thesis being made publicly available, with the exception of a previously agreed postponement of the public release date. An external party is not entitled to demand that the whole or parts of the PhD thesis be exempt from public access, cf. section 6.1.


Making the thesis electronically available in NMBU Brage

(cf. section 17.3 in the PhD regulations)

Making the thesis electronically available in NMBU Brage will consist of the following three steps:

  1. The PhD candidate uploads the printers pdf version of the thesis in NMBU Brage before the public defence. The candidate may at this point have opportunity to delay electronic publicising by to (2) years from the date of the public defence.
  2. Once the public defence is approved the University Library/NMBU Brage will assess the uploaded version of the thesis. The University Library will always take into account the PhD candidate requirements, and also to those limitations that the publisher has set for the articles and similar.
  3. The thesis will be electronically available on the internet at the given time set by the PhD candidate during the upload. The thesis will not be possible to find by searches online or available before this given date.

For description of how to upload the printed thesis file click on this link.

Contact the University Library for more information.

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