PhD forms

Application and admission

NMBU 1.1 Application for admission
Template for the project outline and project description
NMBU 1.2 PhD Contract
NMBU 1.3 Education plan
NMBU 1.4 Cotutelle agreement
Establishing a good relationship (between supervisor and candidate)
Data Management Plan (DMP) (web page)
Timeline of mandatory PhD activities
Proposal for supervisors (for PhD candidates employed in a 1017 or 1378 position)


NMBU 2.1 Progress report for PhD candidate - VET
NMBU 2.2.1 Changes contract period (word document)
NMBU 2.2.2 Changes required coursework component (word document)
NMBU 2.2.3 Changes supervisory team (word document)
NMBU 2.4 Midterm evaluation (word document)


For PhD candidates:
NMBU 3.1 Agreement for special syllabus (Word document)
NMBU 3.2 Application for approval of completed coursework (word document)

For staff:
External Examiner Agreement (Word document)
Assessment protocol for special syllabus (Word document)

The thesis

PhD thesis template
Tittelblad NMBU
Title page NMBU


For PhD candidates:
NMBU 4.2 Submission of thesis (word document)
NMBU 4.3 Co-authorship declaration (word document)
NMBU 4.6 Errata (word document)
About printing (web page)
Thesis submission to Brage (web page)

For staff:
NMBU 4.1 Proposal for evaluation committee (word document)
NMBU 4.4 Assessment of the thesis (word document)
NMBU 4.5c Evaluation of the trial lecture and public defence (word document)
Declaration of impartiality for the members of the evaluation committee

Other forms and documents

Procedures for PhD seminars
Press release form
Procedures for trial lecture and public defence


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