The work on the doctoral dissertation must take place under individual supervision. The supervisory team consists of a main supervisor and normally 1-2 co-supervisors

Who can be a supervisor?

All supervisors must hold a doctoral degree, or hold an assessed associate professorial or professorial competence, within a relevant academic field and be working actively as researchers. The impartiality rules set out in the Public Administration Act Chapter II ‘Concerning disqualification’, Section 6–10, apply to supervisors. The main supervisor has the principal responsibility for the academic- and progress-related following up of the PhD and is to be the candidate’s primary contact person. The co-supervisors are experts in the field who provide supervision and share academic responsibility for the candidate.

The main supervisor must be an employee of NMBU and have previous experience or training in serving as supervisor for PhD candidates. When academic considerations specifically require, an external main supervisor may be appointed. Reasons must be given, and the appointment must be based on a written agreement between the main supervisor’s employer and NMBU. A co-supervisor from the Faculty must be appointed if the Faculty appoints an external main supervisor.

Change in the supervisor group:

If there is a wish for a change in the supervisor group, apply to NMBU 2.2.3 Changes supervisory team (word document). As a rule, the supervisor cannot retire before a new supervisor is appointed.

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