Routines and forms


Progress report:

  • You have to fill in the progress report (FORM 2.1.1) and send this form electronically to the PhD advisors ( within 15 January every calendar year.
  • The PhD advisors register the report in P360 and notify the Head of your Department.
  • Head of Department reads the report. Difficult cases will be discussed at the faculty level.
  • The PhD advisor will inform you if any change is approved.

Changes in contract period:

Candidates employed as a doctoral research fellow at NMBU:

  • If there are any changes to the contract period you have to apply for this by sending FORM 2.1.2 electronically to the Departement.
  • Head of Department and Human Resources evaluate the application and and give recommentation to the employment committee at the Faculty.
  • Human Resources inform you and the PhD advisors about the result (to ensure the consistency between the employment relationship and the lengh of the PhD study). 
  • The PhD advisor register the change in the student system FS.

Candidates emplyed by external institutions:

  • Fill in FORM 2.1.2, and get it signed by your employer.
  • Documetation from your employer concerning change in contract period must be attached to the application.
  • Send the application and documentation to

Changes to the supervisory team:

  • If changes are made to the supervisory team, you have to fill in FORM 2.3. in coopertation with your supervisor. Submit the form electronically to Head of your Department.
  • Head of Department approves, and send signed form electronically to the PhD advisors.
  • The PhD advisors register the form in P360, and notify you and your supervisors.

Required coursework

  • You enroll for courses on the NMBU Student Web or by contacting the student information center (SiT). If you have questions about the PhD Courses at NMBU School of Veterinary Medicine, please contact the PhD advisor ( at Campus Adamstuen.
  • Mandatory PhD courses at Campus Adamstuen are VET400 Introduction to biomedical research, VET420 Midterm course and VET421 Midterm evaluation.
  • All PhD courses at Campus Adamstuen start with the code VET4(...).

If there is need of making changes to the required course part of the education plan, you must submit FORM 2.2 electronically to the Faculty. This must be done before the course is completed.

Introductory seminar, midterm evaluation and final seminar

Introductory seminar:

  • You must present your PhD project at an introductory seminar within six months after start up.
  • The main supervisor facilitates this seminar.
  • Please remember to include the completed introductory seminar in the progress report.

Midterm evaluation:

Final seminar:

  • Your supervisor and Head of Department are responsible for arranging the final seminar before you hold the trial lecture and public defense.

Procedures for PhD seminars

Approval of educational component:

  • Before you can submit your thesis for evaluation, the educational component must be approved. The educational component is approved based on documentation for all completed courses.
  • Submit documentation for external courses and presentations to the PhD advisor ( at Campus Adamstuen for registrations in the student system (FS). Please note that we prefer that you send this together with the application for approval of the educational component.
  • You do not need documentation for courses completed at NMBU as they are registered consecutive.
  • If the educational component differs from your original (and approved) education plan, you need to submit the form "Application for approval of completed coursework" (FORM 3.1).  - Submit the form electronically to the PhD advisors ( along with transcript(s) of records / proof of completed educational components.
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