Progression and mandatory seminars

NMBU’s quality assurance of the PhD education includes measures to detect lack of progress in the required coursework or in the work on the thesis, as well as deficiencies in supervision.

Mandatory seminars

The PhD candidate is required to conduct three fixed seminars during the PhD education: an introductory seminar, a midway assessment seminar and a final seminar

Special emphasis is placed on the midway assessment seminar, which must be conducted when the candidate has completed a maximum of two years of the PhD education. The candidate must present his/ her work and be evaluated by a group of at least two persons appointed by the faculty, one member from the supervisory team and one member from the same faculty or other. The evaluation team must assess the academic status and progress of the work on the doctoral thesis, and report its findings on a standard form NMBU 2.4 Midway seminar (to be sent to

Please find more information about VET421 Midterm evaluation here.

Progress report

You are required to complete the form NMBU 2.1 Progress report for PhD candidate - VET within January 15th every year. The report is reviewed by the PhD advisors as well as the Heads of Department.


Candidates employed as a doctoral research fellow (Ph.d.-stipendiat) at NMBU

  • If you wish to make any changes to the contract period, consult your main supervisor and thereafter contact your Head of Department.
  • Head of Department and HR team evaluate your application and and make a recommentation to the employment committee at the Faculty.
  • HR team inform you and the PhD advisors about the result (to ensure the consistency between the employment relationship and the lengh of the PhD study). 
  • PhD advisors register the change in the student system FS.

Other candidates

  • If you wish to make any changes to the contract period, complete NMBU 2.2.1 Changes contract period (word document) and upload documentation of support from your main supervisor and employer (if relevant). 
  • Your application is evaluated at the PhD programme committee meeting.
  • PhD advisors inform you of the result and register the change in the student system FS.
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