Progression and mandatory seminars

NMBU’s quality assurance of the PhD education includes measures to detect lack of progress in the required coursework or in the work on the thesis, as well as deficiencies in supervision.

Mandatory seminars:

A part of the quality assurance of the PhD education is the minimum of three fixed seminars during the period of instruction: an introductory seminar, a midway assessment seminar and a final seminar. Special importance is attributed to the midway assessment.

Progress report:

You have to fill in the progress report (FORM 2.1.1) and send this form electronically, with the head of your department in CC, within 15 January every year. The report is treated confidentially when the nature of the information so requires.


If there are any changes to the contract period you have to apply for this by sending FORM 2.1.2 electronically to your Departement at NMBU

Published 25. July 2017 - 12:10 - Updated 5. January 2018 - 13:51