Midterm evaluation

VET 421 Midterm evaluation and VET420 Midterm course are mandatory, and must have been taken by the time you have completed a maximum of two full years of study. You sign up for VET421 and VET420 via NMBU Studentweb.

VET421 Midterm evaluation

The midterm evaluation aims to stimulate you to get started with the publication and compilation of the doctoral dissertation as early as possible. The evaluation is also intended to motivate you and your supervisors to continue the work and identify elements that need follow-up.

You must present your project in written and oral forms, and inform the evaluation group about your progress in relation to the original plan. The evaluation group will assess your academic status and progress in your doctoral thesis, and provide feedback in the written form (NMBU 2.4 Midway assessment - VET) to you, your supervisor and the department.

VET420 Midterm course

You must have passed VET421 Midterm evaluation before you may take the VET420 Midterm course.

On the course the following topics will be presented: NMBU's procedures for submission and defense of dissertation, the writing of the PhD thesis, supervisor - student, roles and relationship, and co-authors' declarations.

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