The PhD contract

The PhD Contract

Admission to the PhD program shall be formalized through a written agreement NMBU 1.2 PhD ContractNMBU 1.3 Education plan and a Data Management Plan no later than four months after start-up

NMBU 1.2 PhD contract must be signed by the PhD candidate, the supervisors, the department and any external parties involved, and submitted to The PhD contract regulates the parties' rights and obligations within the contract period and mentions, among other things, funding, supervision, reporting, publication and ownership of results.  

If you have been appointed as a research fellow at NMBU, you must sign a separate contract of employment with the university.

Change in PhD contract period

Candidates employed as a doctoral research fellow (Ph.d.-stipendiat) at NMBU

  • If you wish to make any changes to the contract period, consult your main supervisor and thereafter contact your Head of Department.
  • Head of Department and HR team evaluate your application and and make a recommentation to the employment committee at the Faculty.
  • HR team inform you and the PhD advisors about the result (to ensure the consistency between the employment relationship and the lengh of the PhD study). 
  • PhD advisors register the change in the student system FS.

Other candidates

  • If you wish to make any changes to the contract period, complete NMBU 2.2.1 Changes contract period and upload documentation of support from your main supervisor and employer (if relevant). 
  • Your application is evaluated at the PhD programme committee meeting.
  • PhD advisors inform you of the result and register the change in the student system FS.
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