The application

PhD fellow at NMBU

Admission the PhD programme is processed in connection with employment in a PhD fellowship position. We may, when necessary, request the NMBU 1.1 Application for admission to be completed and sent to along with all supporting documents. 

External PhD candidates

If you are employed at an external institution/establishment, you must complete NMBU 1.1 Application for admission in collaboration with your supervisors and send the completed form (along with supporting documents) to the PhD advisors: within two (2) months after the start of your PhD funding period. 

The application must include documentation of:

  • Certified copy of original diploma for master's degree, diploma or equivalent
  • English proficiency skills, cf. Section 5.2 of the PhD Regulations
  • Passport if the applicant is not a Norwegian citizen
  • Full financing of the entire PhD education/programme period
  • The proposed supervisors and affiliation to an academic environment
  • Project outline including an academic description of the project and a progress plan (approximately 1-3 pages)
  • Description of any special needs for professional and material resources, such as access to the necessary infrastructure to carry out the PhD project
  • Information about planned main place of work
  • Information on any intellectual property matters and an account of any legal and ethical issues raised by the project
  • Information on whether the project depends on permission from research ethics committees, permission to process personal data or other permissions. Such permissions should, if possible, be enclosed with the application.

The following documents should be attached to the application where necessary:

  • For foreign education: assessment of education from NOKUT
  • For foreign education: official description of the grade system from the institution where the education has been completed

Infrastructure: For candidates who receive external funding or are employed outside NMBU a contract is entered between the institution and the external party for the individual research project. This contract must exist at the time when the decision to admit the candidate in question is taken (cf. Section 5.4)

NB: If you wish to sign up for PhD courses before formal admission into the PhD program, you will have to apply for Enkeltemnerstudierett.   

Digital form for your personal information

NMBU obtains any sensitive personal information via a digital form. This is to enable secure handling of the personal information. The PhD advisor has a password protected access to the information. You will receive a copy of the form with all attachments, to the e-mail address you have provided. Here is a link to the form: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

PhD council's deadlines

Your application is evaluated by the PhD council, which meets seven times a year. You must submit your application within one of the following deadlines in order for it to be evaluated:

  • 1 January
  • 1 March
  • 1 May
  • 1 June
  • 15 August (due to summer holidays)
  • 1 October
  • 1 December

The council meets mid-month and you will hear from us at the end of the month you submitted your application.

Education plan

Within four (4) months after the start of your PhD funding period, you are required to submit NMBU 1.3 Education plan (to, which must include a project description (approximately 3-5 pages) and a progress plan for the PhD project, a plan for the required coursework, a publication plan and a plan for stays at other institutions (at home and abroad).

The required coursework component must include courses equivalent to a minimum of 30 ECTS at the PhD or Master's level. Together with the work on the thesis, the required coursework must be such that it provides the necessary academic breadth and specialization. Courses which have been taken previously, that you wish to include as part of your education section, must not be more than two years old at the date of admission to the PhD program, and it must not be part of another degree. 

The following courses are mandatory and must be included in the education plan:

  • VET400 Introduction to ethical and philosophical perspectives in biomedical research (5 credits)
  • VET420 Midterm course (2 credits)
  • VET421 Midterm evaluation (3 credits)

Here is a non-exhaustive list of courses former PhD candidates at VET have taken as part of their education plan. 

Data Management Plan

Together with the education plan and PhD contract you also have to submit a Data Management within four months after the start-up date. You find information here.

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