Science and Technology

PhD Science and Technology

PhD Programme 3 years

Gisle Bjørneby, NMBU

The PhD programme in Science and Technology at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

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The PhD programme in Science and Technology qualifies graduates to engage in research of an international standard in all subject areas at the Faculty of Science and Technology that require good scientific insight and analytical thinking, in accordance with sound scientific practice and established ethical standards for research. 

Job opportunities

The PhD programme in Science and Technology offers organised research training aimed at producing independent researchers of an international calibre in cooperation with national and international research communities.

Learning outcomes

The candidates:

· Complete an education that gives them deeper and more extensive competence based on a relevant master's degree or the equivalent.

· Carry out an independent research project that leads to a doctoral thesis of high academic standard.

· Learn critical and analytical thinking, dissemination of knowledge and academic cooperation, and how to communicate about their discipline both in writing and orally.

Study structure

The PhD Programme in Science and Technology consists of the following fields of study:

Science subjects

  • Physics
  • Applied informatics
  • Applied mathematics


  • Structural engineering, building technology and architecture
  • Mechanical and process technology
  • Water and environmental technology
  • Geomatics

Educational science

  • Science didactics
  • Pedagogy