Your future employers

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment is the defence sector's own research institution. With high-tech expertise and military and political insight, we contribute to the Armed Forces’ operational capability, to their long-term planning as well as to the Norwegian defence industry's competitiveness. Read more about FFI here


Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Kjeller (KDA)
Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace develops high-tech solutions within the fields of aviation, aviation maintenance, defence and security, aerospace, maritime surveillance and support. At KDA, you can contribute to the development of optical sensors and systems with applications in everything from infrared cameras to space subsystems. Read more about KDA here


At SINTEF, we are working with applications ranging from autonomous vehicles, robotics in space, underwater imaging, food quality, process control and medical technology. Read more about SINTEF here


Barco Fredrikstad is a high-tech Research and Development department that designs and develops compact, advanced, and high-resolution projectors for demanding applications in niche markets such as training and simulation, virtual reality, attractions, concerts and high-end home cinema. Read more about Barco here


Nexans. Electrify the Future
Nexans Norway is a world leader in electrical and fiber optic submarine cable systems. R&D and product development of the fiber optic submarine cable systems are managed from our center in Oslo, in close collaboration with the factory at Rognan in Nordland. Read more about Nexans here


In the establishment of metrology standards and dissemination of the SI quantities, Photonics and associated technology plays an increasingly large role. Examples are the realisation of optical power by predictable response of photodiodes and the primary standards for length, realised through stabilised laser wavelength to absorption lines in Iodine. Read more about Justervesenet here


NEO - Norsk elektro optikk AS
NEO is a research and development based company in the field of photonics. We offer project cooperation, rapid prototyping and manufacturing of advanced electro optical products for an international market. Learn more about NEO here

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