Affiliated Faculty of the Agroecology Program

The Agroecology program at NMBU benefits from the expertise of a number of professors, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of organic agriculture, action research and soft systems methodology, livestock and crop rotation systems, plant and soil science, consumer research, and more.  They participate as guest lecturers, research collaborators, and thesis advisers for students in the program. 

Below are listed affiliated faculty and their respective institutions.

Affiliated Faculty


Affiliated faculty


Department of Plant Sciences

Lars Olav Brandsæter


Department of Environmental Sciences

Lars R. Bakken

Petter Jenssen


Dept. of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Section for Learning and Teacher Education

Edvin Østergaard


School of Economics and Business

Eirik Romstad



Other institutions in Norway:

National Institute for Consumer Research

Arne Dulsrud

Gunnar Vittersø

Hanne Torjusen


Institutions outside of Norway:

 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU

Nadarajah Sriskandarajah


ISARA-Lyon, Department of Agroecosystems, Environment and Production, France
Alexander Wezel

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