Programme Structure

European Master of Agroecology- double degree option in collaboration with FESIA France

Please see the FESIA website for more information on the double degree programme, structure and application process.

A rake at rest

A rake at rest


Single degree option from NMBU Norway

An overview of semesters and modules can be found here: Study plan

You can read more about the courses in NMBU's course catalogue here: Course Catalogue


Both options start with a full semester (30 credits) introducing students to the structures and functions of agroecosystems, methodology for describing, analysing and improving such systems, and for individual and group-based learning. In this semester there is a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to current issues in farming and food systems.

Students may do a 30 or 60 credit thesis with the single degree from NMBU, while with the double degree option, they take classes in France during their 3rd semester and complete their thesis in the final semester. For this reason, only a 30 credit thesis is possible for the European Master's of Agroecology.

Both degree options allow for the opportunity to study abroad at different universities during the second and third semesters. Here is a list of some universities commonly attended by agroecology students during their Master degree.

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