Programme Structure

European Master of Agroecology- double degree option in collaboration with FESIA France

Both the single degree option and the double degree option start with the first semester at NMBU where all students do the course PAE302 - Agroecology: Action learning in farming and food systems. For the second semester, the double degree students can stay for one more semester at NMBU or they can go on an exchange through ISARAs student exchange agreements. For the third semester double degree student are at ISARA taking classes. And in their final semester they complete a 30 ECTS master thesis.

Please see the FESIA website for more information on the double degree programme, structure and application process.


NMBU - single degree option.

As the double degree students the single degree student start their first semester with the course PAE302 - Agroecology: Action learning in farming and food systems. The course introduce students to the structures and functions of agroecosystems, methodology for describing, analysing and improving such systems, and for individual and group-based learning. In this semester there is a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to current issues in farming and food systems.

In the second semester, there are two obligatory courses PAE304 - Master Thesis Seminar and PAE305 - Research Methods In addition to this, students select 20 credits of elective courses. It is also possible to go on student exchange in the second and/or the third semester. More information about NMBUs exchange agreements can be found here:

Students may do a 30 or 60 credit thesis with the single degree from NMBU. More information about the thesis will be given in the course PAE304 in the second semester.


Education plan

Master in Agroecology - single degree

First year

PAE302 - Agroecology: Action learning in farming and food systems
PAE304 - Master Thesis Seminar
PAE305 - Research Methods
20 credits elective courses/student exchange semester

Second year

Master thesis: may be written as a 30 or 60 credits thesis
30 credits elective courses or student exchange semester, if one select a 30 credits thesis
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