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Hi, I'm originally from Australia, but have been living in Norway for a couple of years. I hold degrees in law and history, so studying farming and food systems is a bit of
change of direction. My interest in the MSc in Agroecology at NMBU builds on my love of nature, gardening and community participation. Agroecology is a tool to understand why we have the agricultural and industrial food systems we do and to find ways to bring ecological sustainability and awareness to these systems.

The course has been rewarding on so many levels, and inspired me to get involved in farming in the future.

Alexandria Jane Newman_2014
Alice Dind_2014
 I grew up on a small scale farm in a hilly and very rural part of Bavaria that gave me a strong relationship to the natural world and agriculture in it. I always wanted to make a change in the world, as I recognized it as instrinsically inequitable. But finding a lever for change proofed difficult. This lead me to neglect the pressing issues of the world for some years, studying mathematics, computer and climate sciences, always with a bias to the philosophical aspect of these fields. During this time I came in contact with Permaculture and I realized  that the best way to change the world is by changing its agroecological systems. Agriculture has such a strong influence on our earth system, our societies and our economies, that only understanding agriculture in an agroecological way can help us to overcome the current problems of humankind. And this course gave me a solid foundation to do that. It is not only about academics anymore; rather it is about becoming an agent of positive change in this messy world!
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Hei! I grew up in the French Alps and I am completing an engineering degree in agriculture in ISA-Lille. During my bachelor I, had three internships giving me the opportunity to discover a gardening farm with sustainable practices in Canada, a traditional farm (dairy cows, apple orchards and cider making) in Normandy, and the management of public forest in the Alps.

I am interested in both alternative agricultural practices to enable farmers to live of their work and contribute to food self-sufficiency and the interaction of farm systems with the territory they belong to.

Cécile Cordier_2014
Domitille Pouliquen_2014
From the Southeastern United States, I studied Biosystems (Agricultural) Engineering as an undergraduate.  I have worked on a small organic vegetable farm, for my family’s market research business, and in business analysis for a farming supply co-op.  I have returned for a master’s degree in Agroecology to get more experience working strategically in complex situations, and to continue making connections in the world of food and farming.  Over the next semester and during the thesis project I hope to learn more about soil microbiology – how to test and manage it, and also to study decision-making and webs of influence using tools from social science.  In the future, I hope to contribute to a more sustainable way of farming by helping to scale up good ideas.
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Garance Journet_2014
I'm a 22 years-old dynamic french lady.I integrated the Msc Agroecology 2014 class with a background of 3 years studying agriculture and food sciences in my hometown in the west of France, one year of volunteering projects in the east of France and Latin America while participating to a course in intercultural cooperation projects based on the action-learning pedagogy.I am passionate about humans and nature and I always seek for a way of living that reconciles both and enhances sustainability at all levels. Studying Agroecology enables me to reflect upon and deepen these convictions.In the coming years I hope I will be able to participate to the implementation of agroecological projects in order to cultivate and enrich my experience in agroecology and go on  my "life long learner" path.Later I dream of settling down somewhere beautiful to try and apply agroecological principles to my own life and thus participate locally to a global change!
Hi, my name is Mohamed Said, from Cairo, Egypt. I have studied Organic Agriculture in Egypt and Italy, I’m working with a friend on farming in the city, on rooftops and free areas, and we are working with hydroponics and vermicomposting green wastes. I’m taking the MSc of Agroecology program to better understand sustainable farming, and to apply organic farming methods with respect to the ecology and society.Soon enough, right after I finish this program, I would have the experience to establish an organic and sustainable farm along with my friend. We would apply the agroecology science to establish our big dream.
Ibrahim Mohamed Said_2014
James Douglas_2014
"Born in Ottawa, Canada, James graduated with a degree in chemistry in 2009. Immediately after graduating, he began a 7 month internship at a market garden near his hometown and was hooked on farming. For the next three years he traveled through Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Caribbean visiting
and working on farms before returning to work on some in Canada. Without the means to start his own farm, he decided to try to indirectly support the creation of sustainable food systems by returning to science and studying
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Jonathan Everett Tanis_2014
 I spent my undergraduate years studying Cultural Anthropology in California, which led me to getting hooked on agriculture while doing fieldwork with Hopi maize farmers. Since then I've volunteered and worked on farms in West Africa, the Middle East, East Asia and Florida before enrolling in the Agroecology program to broaden and deepen my understanding of agriculture and food systems. I think the special thing about Agroecology is that it lets me lets me bring such diverse experiences and knowledge to bear on some of the biggest issues we are facing in a very inclusive and creative way. After completing a masters thesis on farmer decision making within traditional cultures, I plan on starting my own farm and education/research center.
I am a 26 year old farmboy from the city. I have never worked on a farm prior to starting Agroecology, but I always knew I would like it. 
I took a detour in my studies taking economics in Australia before I got to my senses and went to Ås for Environment & Development studies. There I learned about the disastrous effects humans currently have on our environment. ​I thus decided to study something that would help rejuvinate the planet. Agroecology is for me the best approach towards achieving that. I aim to use my studies in large-scale ecosystemrestoration.
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Katie Bliss_2014

Hello! I grew up on a family farm in England and have worked on other farms including a banana plantation in Australia, a CSA in Wales and an Agriturismo in Italy! Since studying Environment and Development at the University of Sussex in 2005, I have been working with organizations developing appropriate technologies and  supporting small-scale farmers in Guatemala, Malawi, Nepal and Cambodia.

I first discovered Agroecology working with a cooperative coffee finca, in Guatemala; who inspired me to learn more. Over the last few years I have been more involved with our family farm where we have been making steps towards a more sustainable system and are looking into setting up ‘incubator’ plots to welcome new growers.  I have also been involved with the local food movement and cycled to Brussels as part of the ‘Good Food March’. Delving deeper into the future of food and farming led me back to Agroecology and come back to school!

After a highly unsuccessful photography career in NYC, Kevin returned to Canada in search of a new path. A season of market gardening turned into 4, and before he woke up one morning married with children, he decided to cross the ocean to see what sort of innitiatives for a sustainable agriculture are on going there. He came to Norway due to a life-long love affair with the culture, and chose Agroecology at NMBU because of the emphasis on pedagogy and methodology. After gradutation, he will most likely be found tending fields and forests.

He dreams to one day have his own flock of sheep and milk them for ice cream production.

Kevin Morin_2014
Kristiane Brudevoll_2014
My background is in international environment and development studies, with field experiences from Tanzania and Costa Rica. I'm interested in understanding human and human-nature relations, and my dream is to work with agriculture in a way that reconnects people to nature. It is my philosophy that if we have an understanding of and a fascination for the nature we are a part of, it will become easier for us to live on nature's premises. Agroecology has been a natural choice for me as it is a holistic approach to farming and food systems. The emphasis put on becoming autonomous and life-long learners is of major importance, as I see that as a key competency for our adaptation to societies, ecosystems and climates in constant change. Ultimately we will have to adapt our lifestyles to nature rather than the other way around. My future plan is to inspire and facilitate change in Norwegian agriculture, and hopefully some day set an example with my own agroecological farm.
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Marie Loisel_2014
I graduated in 2012 with honors from the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Agroecology, with a minor in Agronomy.

I've spent time as a farmhand and apprentice on a diversified livestock and vegetable farm in Penobscot, Maine, as well as an organic vegetable CSA in Boalsburg, PA.
Extracurricular interests include mountains, whiskey, beehives, cast iron cookware, wool, birch trees and the time of day in late afternoon when the light turns golden and the shadows get really long.
I am pursuing my MSc in Agroecology through NMBU and ISARA to expand my understanding of food and farming systems on a global scale, and from new and diverse perspectives.
With this MSc under my belt, I hope to make my way across the United States on the back of a motorbike, before settling in Northern California and pursuing my PhD at UC Davis.
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Ola Våland Strandin_2014

Hi, my name is Ola and I am from Fredrikstad, Norway. I have a degree in Biology from the university of Granada in Spain where I studied for five years. I developed a keen interest in applied ecology while in Spain and decided to pursue a masters degree in Agroecology. I believe that agriculture is the primary interface between our society and the ecosystem that ultimately sustains it, so it is important to apply ecological science to thinking about agroecosystems. This degree is a great step in the right direction pedagogically and students are inspired to become lifelong learners.

I plan to build my thesis around the role of fungi in nutrient cycling within agroecosystems.

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