Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in agriculture, horticulture, economics, natural resources, biology, food science, nutrition, engineering, rural sociology, or other field related to agricultural production or the food sector. Practical experience from agriculture or the food sector is recommended.

This Master programme is comparable to other Master of Science degrees. The programme is designed to attract students from a wide range of disciplines. We expect students who work in all parts of the food systems, from farm production to processing to marketing, as well as in allied fields such as natural resource management, biology, economics, politics and rural sociology to apply for this programme.

Since the programme is given in English, fluency in both written and spoken English is essential andmust be documented. Read more about language requirements

More information about the application process can be found on admissions web page. You may contact the Admission Office ( if you have questions about the application process.


Application for visa:
For non EU students, to obtain an entry visa for Norway there are 3 requirements the student must fulfill:
1) admission as a student
2) guarantee of accommodation
3) documentation of sufficient financial funds to cover the stay in Norway

Please see the prospective students web page for further information.


Motivation letter:
A compulsory requirement for the applicaition to the Agroecology master program is a motivation letter.


Important general information about application to NMBU:

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