Master thesis

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At the end of your Master’s degree you are expected to write a Master thesis. In Plant Sciences you may write a thesis at either 30 ETC or 60 ETC.

Master thesis

The thesis is an important part of your specialization within the Master’s degree, and is expected to be a scientific paper at a level that meet the normal academic standards. Choice of topic should be seen in correlation with the other subjects of your degree, and ensure in-depth knowledge within a certain area.

Choice of topic

It is advisable to start the process with finding a topic for your Master thesis the first year of your Master's degree (7th and 8th semester of a 5 year education). On the faculty's webpage, you may find suggested topics, but you are also welcome to suggest a topic of your interest and make an agreement with relevant supervisors.

Suggested topics for Master's Thesis: Masteroppgaveforslag

Every autumn (in October/November), the faculty will have a “Thesis day” where you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with relevant supervisor's.

The contract and project plan

Before you may start on your thesis, you must sign a specified work schedule and a contract together with your supervisor. The student advisor/coordinator has to receive a signed contract well before any work on the thesis starts.

The thesis contracts you may find here: Contract - thesis

Registration for evaluation

The procedure to register for your Master thesis is the same as with other subjects at NMBU. In StudentWeb you sign up for either M30-PV or M60-PV for a 30 ETC and a 60 ETC Master thesis respectively.

The registration deadline is the same as for other subjects, following the academic calendar. It is important to note that it will be impossible to register for a Master Thesis in StudentWeb before the contract is signed and received by the administration.

Finishing and submission of the Master thesis

Submission of the Master thesis as an electronic version (pdf format) is done at NMBU's open institutional archive (Brage). At the Student Information Center (SIT) at least two identical, printed copies must be stamped and submitted within the deadline. Stamped copies has to be delivered to the supervisor or the student advisor/coordinator at your faculty. Deadline for submission of your Master thesis is May 15th at 1500pm in spring or December 15th at 1545pm in autumn.

Further information about the Master thesis at NMBU: Guidelines and Checklist.

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