International Relations

International Relations (IR) - Master of Science

Do you want to understand and analyse international relations today in terms of diplomacy, development and environmental sustainability? This program provides the opportunity to adapt to the new global reality.

Duration: 2 years
Start: Autumn 2019
Alexas_Fotos via pixabay/CC0
What can I use this qualification for?
Graduates may compete for jobs within civil administration, international organizations, research and education institutions, and within the private sector working in international environments. This program is currently the only Master’s degree in International Relations offered at a Norwegian university.
What will I learn?

You will learn the theoretical foundations required to understand IR today, and use these to analyse global political developments from various entry points. You will learn about security, environment, war, violence, state-building, diplomacy, etc. The Masters dissertation will enable you to engage in independent research in a topic of your choice. The program increases the practical understanding of international interactions through (optional) internships and academic exchange programs.

Short description

The program is of 2-year duration. The first year comprises compulsory courses including an introductory course, theory and method courses, and elective courses. In the third semester, students are encouraged to take a semester on exchange or to do an internship. Students can choose elective courses offered in the IR program, but also more broadly at NMBU. The master thesis of 30 ECTS is written in the fourth and final semester. Students attending the program typically represent around 20 nations from all continents, each year.