Admission requirements

Applicants with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics or other relevant fields. The degree should include courses in mathematics and statistics and intermediate level courses in micro- and macroeconomics.

A minimum grade of C is required. The grade requirement for each admission will vary depending on the applicants' grades. The requirement for admission may therefore be higher than the minimum requirement. The faculty ranks applicants for the study program according to the average on the basis of admission or the average of the subject requirement. If the applicant covers the basis for admission or professional requirements in various ways, calculations are used that are in favor of the applicant. For applicants with a foreign education, special assessments will be made.

Applicants must demonstrate English language ability in accordance with the NMBU regulations for programmes taught in English. 

Admission information for international applicants
• General information for prospective students
• Language requirements

Information for Norwegian applicants
• Application process

Further information 
Application and general questions about studies at NMBU: 
Student Information Office, P.O. Box 5003, 1432 Aas, Norway

Phone: +47 67 23 01 11

Academic questions and detailed questions about the programme: 
Student Advisor Kateryna Krutskykh

Phone: +47 67 23 11 07

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