Digital submission of master thesis

The School of Economics and Business uses digital submission of the master thesis. This means that you will only need to hand in the digital version of your thesis, and you do not need to print the thesis on paper. Please, remember to use NMBUs templates for front and back page of the thesis. The templates can be found here.

Make sure to write the following on the front page:
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
School of Economics and Business

Your thesis must also be submitted in Brage, and the receipt from Brage must be uploaded together with the thesis in WISEflow. 

You do not have to submit the printed version of the master thesis, neither to SiT or to the School of Economics and Business, since the submission is digital, firstly submission in Brage and then in WISEflow. A receipt from submission in Brage shall be uploaded under "Appendix material", when you submit your master thesis digitally in WISEflow.

Guide to submission in WISEflow
Log in to with you NMBU/Feide user account. You should see your master thesis course in the flow overview when you log in.

To start, you have to choose if you are writing the master thesis alone, or in a group. If you are writing alone, click the "Create one-person group" button.
If you are writing together with another student, click the "Form group" button, and choose the student(s) to add to your group. The student(s) you add to your group will have to log in to WISEflow to confirm that they should be a part of the group, before you can submit the thesis.

When you have created a group, either one-person or with other students, you are ready to hand in the thesis.

The master thesis must be saved as a pdf file, and the cover should be the same as applies to all master thesis at NMBU. 

Before submitting, you need to upload the file. The master thesis must be uploaded under "Paper", and the receipt from Brage must be uploaded under "Appendix material".

This means that the following shall be uploaded to WISEflow upon submission: 
Receipt from Brage
Master thesis in PDF-format

Detailed information on how to upload master thesis in WISEflow can be obtained here.

If your master thesis is confidential, please, fill out the form "Confidential thesis". The institution/company you are writing your thesis for must sign this form. The signed form must be submitted to the reception of the School of Economics and Business, 4th floor, Tower Building. When the form is approved by the faculty, it can be uploaded under "Appendix material" in WISEflow upon submisson.

The thesis must be submitted by 15th of May at 15.00 or alternatively on the 15th of December at 15.45.
If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, the due date will be the next working day.


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