Student life

NMBU is famous for its inclusive and diverse student life. Every other year NMBU students arrange UKA, the second largest cultural event in Norway, and SiÅs sports offers a great variety of sport and training activities. About 20% of all NMBU students are international students.

See Emily Tsang's video on being an exchange student at NMBU.

Timbuktu Uka-konsert 2012

Timbuktu Uka-concert 2012.

Håkon Sparre

The Student Union in Ås has roots back to 1864 and is thus one of the oldest in Norway. The house and the organisation have a very rich history that is well documented. Two books are written about the student community in Ås, and one of them can be read in its entirety on the National Library's website. 

Student organisations

There are about 70 different student associations and clubs at NMBU. No matter what your interests are, you will be able to cultivate them: song, music, dance, politics, radio, sports, photography and lots more. Student experience from a NMBU sorority. 

SiÅs Sports

SiÅs Sports offers a variety of different sports and activities, whether you are into teamsports or prefer training on your own.

Student newspaper

The student newspaper "Tuntreet" presents all important news and events at NMBU, so read Tuntreet if you want to stay informed. If you are interested in journalism, graphic design, photography or drawing, you can join the staff and further develop the student newspaper.


Student Union

A union of students - for students. The Student Union is the students' own organisation, forming the framework for most of the students' social activities in Ås. 

The Union is managed by the Student Union board, the sound committee, the bar committee, the disco committee, etc: all are students! As a member of the Student Union, you are committed to work two shifts at various events each semester.

Bodega and concerts

Wednesdays and Fridays are "pub evenings" in the Union's own Bodega. The NMBU student Student Union has a great reputation in the music scene, and Ås has become a popular venue for Norwegian and foregin bands. Each semester, many excellent concerts are arranged - for many different styles of music. The Student Union has three different stages, and can thus house all kinds of bands - from the small and intimate, to the really big concerts. You are guaranteed to experience great concerts as a NMBU student!

Café Klubben

At the café "Klubben", you can meet other students, read newspapers, enjoy a cup of coffee and perhaps a piece of the wonderful cheese cake.

Other events

Each semester, about 3 to 6 small revues are held by various student associations. These are always a success! Debates and lectures are regularly held. Soccer fans enjoy Premier League and Champions League games on the large TV screen. Other events include special evenings, courses, in-house concerts, ect.

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