Faculty of Landscape and Society


Autumn Semester

August block
EDS370 Gender and Development - 5 ECTS (anually)

Autumn parallel
EDS260 Global Environmental Changes - 5 ECTS (anually)
EDS373 Piracy and International Relations - 10 ECTS* (offered biannually in odd years)


Spring Semester

January block
EDS341 Decolonial Theory - 5 ECTS (anually)

Spring parallel
EDS371 Introduction to Intelligence Studies and International Relations - 10 ECTS (offered bianually, odd years)
EDS376 Religion, Politics and Islam - 10 ECTS (offered biannually in even years)
EDS391 International Relations, Security, Conflict, and Development: Understanding Post-Conflict Police and Security Reform - 10 ECTS (anually)
EDS381 Feminist and Critical IR Theory - 10 ECTS (offered biannually in even years)
EDS383 Global Transitions and the City - 10 ECTS (offered biannually in odd years)




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