Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences (KBM)


Autumn semester

Organic Analytical Chemistry
KJM310 Chromatography (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel
KJM313 Mass Spectrometry (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel 
KJM314 Applied Organic Analytical Chemistry (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel

Spring semester

Organic Analytical Chemistry
KJM311 Organic Spectroscopy (10 ECTS) Spring parallel
KJM312 Natural Product Chemistry (10 ECTS) Spring parallel


Autumn semester

BIO335 Applied Biocatalysis and Biorefining (5 ECTS) August Block and Autumn parallel (2021)
KJB310 Protein Chemistry (10 ECTS) in Autumn parallel 

BIN315 Selected Topics in Functional Genomics (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel (**)
BIN310 Selected Topics in Genome Analysis (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel (**)

Biochemistry and Microbiology
KJB310 Protein Chemistry (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel
BIO334 Virology (5 ECTS) Autumn parallel
BIO336 Mycology (5 ECTS) Autumn parallel

Spring semester

Cell- and Microbiology
BIO301 Advanced Cell Biology (10 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI322 Pathogenic Microorganisms (10 ECTS) Spring parallel

BIO330 Microbial Ecology and Physiology (10 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI322 Pathogenic Microorganisms (10 ECTS) Spring parallel

Food Science and Nutrition

Autumn semester

Food Technology
MVI321 Fermentation Microbiology (5 ECTS) August Block (limited seats)
MVI310 Proteins, Polysaccharides and Fat/Oils: Structure and Functionality (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel
MVI381 Current Challenges in Meat Production (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel (*)
MVI383A Dairy Technology (15 ECTS) Autumn parallel

Process Technology
MVI261 Heat Engineering I (5 ECTS) Autumn parallel – Bachelor level course
MVI361 Unit Operations and Measurement Methods (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel

Product Development
MVI385 Food Product Development
(10 ECTS) Autumn parallel

Spring semester

Food Safety
MVI395 Safety in Industrial Processes (10 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI322 Pathogenic Microorganisms (10 ECTS) Spring parallel

Sensory and consumer science
MVI240 Sensory Science (5 ECTS) January Block
MVI340 Sensory and Consumer Science (5 ECTS) June Block

Food Technology
MVI386 Practical Dairy Technology (5 ECTS) January Block (limited seats)
MVI382A Alcoholic Beverages (5 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI382B Cereal Technology (5 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI387 Milkbased Ingredients (5 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI384 Functional Foods: Bioactive Components in Foods (5 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI274 Muscle Food - Science and Technology (10 ECTS) Spring parallel– Bachelor level course

Autumn semester
MVI393 Chemical Food Safety (5 ECTS) Autumn parallel
MVI392 Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology (5 ECTS) Autumn parallel
MVI394 Molecular Nutrition (5 ECTS) Autumn parallel
MVI292 The Immune System, Food and Health (10 ECTS) Autumn parallel

Spring semester
BIO301 Advanced Cell Biology (10 ECTS) Spring parallel
MVI291 Diet and Health (5 ECTS) June Block


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