Faculty of Biosciences

The course packages can be a composite of courses from several faculties. Make sure that you fulfil the prerequisites.

Also check which semester the course is given and if it is offered every year.

Autumn semester (August block and autumn parallel)

BIO351 Genetically Modified Plants - Case Study - 5 credits
BOT200 Plant Physiology - 10 credits
PJH340 Quality in Food Plants (even years) - 10 credits
PJH350 Applied Plant Physiology in Greenhouses - 10 credits (odd years)
PLV321 Plant pathology and resistance breeding – 10 credits
PJH300 Sustainable Production Systems in Agriculture – 15 credits (odd years)  

Spring semester (Spring parallel) :

PJH212 Cropping Systems of Grain Crops and Grasslands – 10 credits
PJH250 Plant production in controlled environment – 10 credits (odd years)
PLV330 Insect-Plant Relationships – 5 credits (even years)
PLV340 Weed Biology and Weed-Crop Relationships – 5 credits (odd years)
BIO324 Plant adaptation – 10 credits
BOT201 Physiology of Plant Production – 5 credits (even years)


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