Language requirements

NMBU offers courses taught in English and Norwegian. The English courses require one of the English levels listed below (Please do also see the Higher Education Entrance Qualification for Persons with Foreign Education - The GSU-list), and the Norwegian courses require documented fluency in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. Students should choose courses relevant to their academic background and see if they meet the course prerequisites before applying. Teaching language and course prerequisites are specified in each course description in our course catalogue. 

Applicants who are not native speakers of English must document their proficiency in English with one of the following tests:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 500 for a paper based test (PBT), or minimum 60 on an internet-based test (IBT).
  • International English Language Testing Service (IELTS), academic, with a minimum score of 5.0.
  • Applicants with Norwegian upper secondary school: Foundation/level 1 course in English at upper secondary school (140 hours) with the mark 2 or better. 
  • Please note that a TOEFL or an IELTS test cannot be more than two years old.
  • Pearson PTE Academic test with a minimum score of 51 points.
  • University of Cambridge examinations:
  1. First Certificate in English
  2. Certificate in Advanced English
  3. Certificate of Proficiency in English

In some cases, applicants can document English proficiency in other ways. Please see the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance Education to find out about other ways to document English language proficiency.

The academic year at NMBU is organized in five periods

Spring semester (Jan-Jun): January block, Spring parallel and June block. Application deadline 1 October.

Autumn semester (Aug-Dec): August block and Autumn parallel. Application deadline 1 April.

You might  only sign up for one course in each block, since this is an intensive teaching period, and all the exams of the block take place on the same day.

However, it is not mandatory to sign up for a course in the blocks. You can meet the fulltime studies requirement (30ECTS/semester) without the blocks and only courses in the Spring parallel/Autumn parallel. 

Academic Calendar 2020 : Information of semester start and semester end for block and parallel period.


About 40% of the courses at NMBU are given in English. Descriptions of all courses can be found in the course catalogue. The courses marked with EN or NO/EN are taught in English. The courses marked with NO are only in Norwegian. The following general distinctions can be made regarding courses at NMBU:

100-level/lower division bachelor courses focus on basic knowledge and working skills within a subject, as a basis for further studies or work.

200-level/upper division bachelor courses develop a critical and more in-depth understanding of the field. It is assumed that students have a basic knowledge of the subject at an introductory level before taking the course.

300-level/master level courses require a greater amount of high-level intellectual skill such as synthesis of knowledge from different fields, evaluation and the ability to conduct critical analysis. 

400-level/PhD level courses - advanced knowledge in the subject area required and special application procedures apply.

Application procedures

The application package must be sent to with the following documents:  

  • Official academic transcripts in English. Official transcript is not just a print, but an official document signed and approved by your home university.
  • Copy of passport/ID card.
  • Confirmation of enrollment in a PhD program at the home institution (if applicable).
  • Documentation of English proficiency.
  • Application form 
    IMPORTANT: Please complete the application form with your private home address (inclusive postal code), and not the address of your home university or other institution.

Application deadlines

Autumn semester: 1 April.
Spring semester: 1 October.

Autumn semester applications: You can expect an answer from NMBU 15 May.

Spring semester applications: You can expect an answer from NMBU 15 November.

If you have any questions, please contact:


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