Courses and Academic Year

Courses and Academic Year

Course Levels 

  • 100-level/lower division bachelor courses
    Focus on basic knowledge and working skills within a subject, as a basis for further studies or work.

  • 200-level/upper division bachelor/lower division master courses
    Develop a critical and more in-depth understanding of the field. It is assumed that students have a basic knowledge of the subject at an introductory level before taking the course.

  • 300-level/master level courses

    Require a greater amount of high-level intellectual skill such as synthesis of knowledge from different fields, evaluation and the ability to conduct critical analysis.

  • 400-level/PhD level courses
    Advanced knowledge in the subject area required and special application procedures apply.



Blocks and Parallels

The academic year at NMBU is organized in five periods

Autumn semester (Aug-Dec) - Application deadline: 1 April (applicants outside of Europe), 1 June (for applicants from Europe)
August Block - one intensive three-week course in August
Autumn Parallel - September to December

Spring semester (Jan-Jun) - Application deadline: 1 October.
January block - one intensive three-week course in January
Spring parallel - February to May
June block - one intensive three-week course in June

  • You might only sign up for one course in each block, since this is an intensive teaching period, and all the exams of the block take place on the same day, usually at the end of block period.
  • It is not mandatory to sign up for a course in the blocks. You can meet the fulltime studies requirement (30 ECTS/semester) without the blocks and only courses in the Spring parallel/Autumn parallel. However, you are welcome to participate in the blocks as well. 
  • Academic Calendar 2022/2023 : Information of semester start, semester end, examination period for block and parallel. 
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