EU/ EEA applicants: How to apply - bachelor's programme

Checklist for applicants:


1)      Who may apply in the 15 February – 15 April admission process?

  • EU/EEA and Swiss citizens.
  • Applicants with a Norwegian national identity number and a valid residence permit, who meet the NOKUT GSU criteria but do not have documented proficiency in Norwegian. 
  • Applicants with generell studiekompetanse (higher education entrence qualification) must apply through Samordna opptak (NUCAS). 

 2)     Do you have the required academic background?

The minimum entrance requirements for admission to higher education in Norway is set by NOKUT and can be found in The Nokut GSU list . This list states the basic requirements for admission to higher education in Norway. 
Admission is highly competitive and normally requires higher grades than the minimum needed to be qualified for admission. 

3)      Do you meet our English language requirements? 

Applicants must document their proficiency in English with an internationally recognized test or education from certain countries. Please note that NMBU has a higher requirement of proficiency in English than the NOKUT GSU requirement.
IELTS and TOEFL test dates fill up quickly. Be sure to schedule your test early.

4)      Finances

NMBU does not offer scholarships for bachelor or master students.  All student must be self-financed. As a student you will need a minimum of approximately NOK 10,000 per month in order to cover basic expenses. Tuitions fees may apply to applicants with a Norwegian national identity number who are not EU/EEA/Norwegian citizens. 

5)      Preparing your application

Make sure that you have all the required documents ready, and that they are in the correct format (.pdf)  

6)      Registering your application

Apply in the application portal in the application period 15 February – 15 April. 

Please upload all documents when you register your application.
If you are completing education or language test this spring, the deadline for uploading documentation is 1 July. Please upload all other required documentation, including your bachelor result to date, and a list of courses to be completed in the spring semester.

Your application will be considered invalid if you have not uploaded all required supporting documents within the deadline. Invalid applications will not be processed.

7)      Your application results

When the admission results are ready you will be notified through your registered e-mail address.
Early admission: Results will be available by 20 May.
Regular admission: Results will be available by 20 July. 

If you are offered admission, you will have a short deadline to accept the offer.

Applicants may be asked to present original educational documents upon admission.

Questions regarding the admission process:
Questions regarding the content of the study programme: Study coordinator of the programme (please find contact info on programme description).

Published 13. February 2023 - 11:12 - Updated 13. February 2023 - 13:11