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  • William Warner

    Head of the Writing Centre


    W.S. Warner teaches academic writing and is the Faculty Advisor for the NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences. He is the author of two books and more than two dozen journal articles, mostly about forestry and photogrammetry. He has taught writing and cartography at Dartmouth College, USA.

  • Clayton Gouin


    Clay is an English-speaking Writing Advisor from Canada. He is in the International Environmental Studies program at NMBU. Clay is writing his thesis on Large-scale Industrial Reclamation Policies in Northern Alberta, Canada. His area of specialization is Environmental Policy and Ecology, but has also studied International Development and Education. Clay has worked at the Writing Centre for three years as a Writing Advisor. In addition to providing writing assistance to students, he also runs Oral Presentation Workshops and Master's Defence Preparation workshops each semester.

  • Astrid Fuglseth Rasmussen


    Astrid is studying Natural Resource Management, and has a background in geography and landscape architecture. Her academic interests focus on biological and physical responses to climate change in both marine and arctic environments. Astrid is part of the editorial board for the NMBU Student Journal of 2017. She is happy to give advice in Norwegian as well as in English, and welcome both master and bachelor students.

  • Victoria Thomas


    Victoria moved to Norway from the United States in 2015 to study international environmental studies. With previous experience as an English mentor, she is available to assist students in the academic writing courses. Victoria is interested in combining social and natural sciences with a focus on food waste. 

  • Jessica Giannoumis


    Jessica is a thalassophile, a lover of the ocean, and is interested in any research about the use of oceanic resources and marine mammals. Furthermore, she interested in environmental studies and governance. Masters and Bachelor students are all welcome. Writing advice may be given in English, Norwegian and German.

  • Hedvig Hoel Bjørge

    Hedvig is studying Practical Pedagogy (PPU) at NMBU, and has completed a master in Agroecology and a bachelor in International Environmental and Development Studies, both at NMBU. Her academic interests are both in social and environmental sciences; with a special focus on agriculture, international politics and ecology. She gives advice in both Norwegian and English, and is happy to help both master and bachelor students. 

  • Emily Holmes

    Emily, from the UK, is studying International Environmental Studies. She has a degree in International Relations with Spanish, and a Postgraduate Certification in Brazilian Environmental Law.  She has over ten years’ experience teaching English as a second language, and is fluent in Portuguese.  Her academic focus is on the intrinsic rights of nature, and animal rights issues.

  • Bashar Abbas Ali Abdulla Marhoon

    Bashar Marhoon is an International Relations student who moved to Norway in 2016 to pursue his Master’s degree. Bashar is interested in research on the Middle East and group identity formation, and is fluent in Arabic and English. He can advise students in both languages.

  • Joan Loftus Brunetta

    Joan is an English-speaking writing advisor from Boston in the USA. She is at NMBU for a year on a Fulbright grant and is excited to start learning Norwegian. She has a bachelors degree in American History and Classics from Smith College.

  • Patrick John Bolliger

    Patrick is enrolled in the Bachelor of International Environment and Development Studies at NMBU.  His academic interests include coastal, marine and aquatic resource management, marine biology and development studies. Patrick is a native English speaker and can assist students with writing on a bachelor or master level.

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