Presentation Skills


The Importance of Oral Presentation Skills

What are the Presentation Workshops?
In many cases at NMBU, students are expected to give an oral presentation, either in-class, with a student organization, in an oral exam or Master’s defence. While students are expected to perform well, they rarely receive instruction on how to give a strong presentation. Oral presentation skills are not only useful for students while studying at NMBU, but are also transferrable to professional life after university. Bachelor students may be asked to present their independent research in class, Master students must give an oral defence of their thesis, and within professional careers, we can all expect to attend or even host meetings.

Learning outcomes

Workshops provide students with and opportunity

1. To learn how to prepare and provide engaging presentations

2. To improve confidence in oral communication

3. To receive constructive feedback from fellow students.

Thesis Defense Workshop

This 3 hour workshop give you practical experience in defending your research, and provides you with tricks, tips and insight to help you give your best defense.
All participants MUST give a 5 minute presentation of their research. Bring your own computer. Screens/Projectors will be provided.
E-mail details and learning outcomes, contact

Workshops are offered in English and Norwegian. 


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