The Journal started in 2011 when Writing Advisors at the former Noragric Writing Centre published the first two volumes online. At that time it was titled the UMB Student Journal of International Development and Development Studies and was only open to students at Noragric. With Volume 3, however, responsibility of editing and publishing the Journal was passed on to an Editorial Board led by student volunteers who opened it to submissions from all study fields. In 2014, the Journal was re-named the NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences, reflecting its cross-disciplinary nature. The following year, 2015, submissions from PhD students were accepted for the first time. Today the Editorial and Review Boards have members from all study levels and represent several academic disciplines.

All papers submitted to the Student Journal are anonymously peer reviewed by a student Review Board. The accepted articles move on to the Editorial Board, which comprises several rounds of editing to fine-tune the article for publishing. For Volume 11 and 12, the Student Journal has included newer forms of expression of student’s academic voice in the form of Digital Stories. This form of assignment is up-and-coming at NMBU and contributes to a creative and innovative way of doing academic work. 

The Student Journal also showcases artwork and photography from students to nurture the creative talent at NMBU and make the experience of reading the Student Journal more alive.

We hope you want to engage yourself in the work of the Student Journal, whether it is as an author, Review or Editorial Board member, in layout and design, or in other parts of the production team.

Published 1. July 2021 - 12:13 - Updated 10. May 2022 - 11:25