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Skrivesenterets Ressursportal for akademisk skriving - SWR100

The SWR100 is designed to assist students at all levels, regardless of where they are in the writing process. The resource portal therefore contains very detailed information on everything from planning to submission.

Click on the link above to get to SWR100 or do the following: Log in to Canvas - press «Topics» in the menu on the left - press «More topics» - press «All topics» - SWR100 should then be at the top left or bottom right - press «add this topic».

All content in the portal is organized under modules.


Skrivetsenterets YouTube-kanal

A substantial part of the learning resources we produce are videos on academic writing, where everything is thematically organized in playlists available on our YouTube channel. Most videos are between 5 to 15 minutes and contain useful tips and tricks on designing various academic texts. However, we also offer a number of longer videos that go more in depth. Examples of this are the video version of our podcast "Its going to be all write" and the recording of our monthly PhD webinar.

New material is added regularly.


Skrivesenterets podcast - It´s going to be all write 

Niklas and Clayton have a goal to make academic writing enjoyable and exciting. We are both Academic Writing Advisors at NMBU,  and we want to share our ideas and experiences regarding academic writing with you. Our goal is to demystify the writing process, share tips and techniques to improve your research and writing process, and explore various challenges and opportunities across all levels of university study and research.

You can access the podcast episodes from our podcast homepage, from the NMBU Writing Centre's YouTube channel, or through Spotify, Podcast Addict, Castbox, Overcast, Apple Podcasts or Edge.

General Writing Tips

  • Writing a master thesis?
    The Writing Centre offers advice on all stages of the master thesis process.
    (The resource portal is currently under construction and more content will come)
  • How to write a term paper? 
    Professor William Warner's presentation on how to become a good academic writer.
  • Academic English Online
    A web-based tool to broaden your skills in academic English.
  • Search & write (Search & write)
    A website where you will find a lot of useful information about information searching, academic writing, sources, and referencing.





  • Write and Cite
    Expert advice from the Writing Centre on what plagiarism is, and how to avoid it.
  • A plagiarism adventure
    Useful video from the University Library in Bergen on plagiarizing. (In Norwegian)
    Webpage with much information on plagiarism and referencing

Literature Search

  • NMBU Oria
    NMBU online search engine for academic literature
  • Databases by subject
    Overview of databases NMBU have access to for different academic disciplines
  • Google scholar
    Google's search engine for academic references


  • Grammar check
    Need to grammar check a text in English? Try grammarly for free.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement (Concord)
    A quick guide from Grammarly on the English-grammar construct of "subject-verb agreement" or "concord."
  • Subject-Verb Agreement Examples
    A longer guide from Towson University on the concept of "subject-verb agreement."
  • Affect vs. Effect Guide
    "The arrow affected the aardvark. The effect was eye-popping." - Learn how and when to use "effect" and "affect"
  • What is a semicolon for?
    Semicolons are incredibly useful; most people don't use them properly. Check out the rules here, courtesy of the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin - Madison!
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