Home exam and plagiarism



NMBU offers resources to help you understand plagiarism and referencing in preparation for your a home exam. The following resources can be used as part of your exam preparation:  


  • We advise everyone review the information NMBU provides regarding cheating and plagiarism. This information is openly available to you by following the link, and additional information and resources are available to you under the section How to write an academic text. 
  • A natural starting point is the Write and Cite video series that introduces you to referencing, citations and plagiarism. The video series includes integrated quizzes so you can test your understanding as you progress.  


  • Citing and referencing can be confusing, because there are several referencing styles to choose from. However, each referencing style serves the same purpose: to inform the reader about where information you use in your writing originally comes from. The NMBU Library offers guides to the most common reference styles used at NMBU. The NMBU Library also offers information on the softward citation manager, EndNote. 


  • The NMBU Writing Centre offers an instructional video on how you can use the Internet-based reference manual Kildekompassest. Kildekompasset is easy to use and available in English and Norwegian. 



  • The NMBU Writing Centre has a YouTube channel that contains additional video resources, including instructional videos, webinars and podcasts about academic writing. New material is added regularly. 


  •  NMBU’s regulations regarding examinations are included in both English and Norwegian. Please see the links provided for further information. 


To further assist you with home exam preparation, we have collected several helpful resources already prepared by other universities:  









We hope these resources are helpful with your study and exam preparation, and we wish you all good luck with your final exams. 


Published 27. August 2020 - 12:17 - Updated 12. January 2021 - 9:07