Exam preparation

The Writing Centre has prepared and collected resources to help you prepare for Oral Examinations and Master Defence Presentations

Oral Exam Preparation

  • This video covers what you can expect an oral exam to contain, and ways you can prepare yourself for an oral exam

Master Defence Presentation

  • Master's defences require a lot of preparation. We provide you with four videos to help you prepare for your final thesis defence.

Preparing yourself

  • Being well prepared is your best tactic. Preparing and practicing your defence structure and your speech requires time to reflect and plan, but a well prepared defence presentation will make you feel more confident.

Preparing visuals

  • Visuals like PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides or even a PDF slideshow are only tools. This video explores how you can use these tools to enhance your presentation, but a word of caution - visuals alone do not make for a strong defence presentation. If you have not already watched the video in the previous section, Preparing yourself, please watch that video before you begin preparing your slides.

Applying rhetoric

    • Knowing how to use rhetoric makes your presentations more engaging. This video explores what rhetoric is and how you can apply it


Answering questions

  • The most difficult part of a thesis defence is the question period. Fortunately, there are some techniques available to help your prepare for answering questions.
Published 26. May 2020 - 10:08 - Updated 12. January 2021 - 9:04