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Tower buildingSørhellinga
Opens Oct 2
Opens Oct 2
Opens Oct 2
Thursday09:00-15:00Opens Oct 2
Friday09:00-15:00Opens Oct 2

Writing Centre staff schedule Spring 2017

* = Can help with both English and Norwegian papers.

Everyone else can help with papers in English only

Tower building:


MondayNeil / Patrick
Neil / Emily
Neil / Emily
TuesdayJessica* / VictoriaJessica* / JoanJoan / Dylan
WednesdayChloe / VictoriaChloe / VictoriaBashar / Hedvig*Ingvild* / Hedvig*
ThursdayJessica* / Bashar
Jessica* / BasharJessica* / Bashar
FridayJoan / Emily
Chloe / EmilyIngvild* / Hedvig*


09: 00-11: 0011: 00-13:00
MondayOpens October 2Opens October 2
TuesdayOpens October 2Opens October 2
WednesdayOpens October 2Opens October 2
ThursdayOpens October 2Opens October 2
FridayOpens October 2Opens October 2

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