The Writing Center offers free guidance in academic writing for bachelors, masters, and PhD students at NMBU. Friendly and well-trained peer writing advisors are available to help you throughout the writing process, from note-taking and outlining all the way to final revisions. 

The Writing Centre does not offer lectures, workshops, or other forms of academic writing training at this time.

Bildet er tatt i de nye veterinærbyningene i forbindelse med rekruttering av studenter til NMBU 2021

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  • Easter:

    Wednesday March 27: 09-12.

    Closed all public holidays.

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    Monday: 09.00-16.00

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  • Easter:

    Wednesday March 27: 09-12.

    Closed all public holidays.

    Ordinary opening hours:

    Monday: 09:00-16:00

    Tuesday: CLOSED

    Wednesday: 09.00-16.00

    Thursday: 09.00-13.00

    Friday: CLOSED

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    1. Book an appointment by clicking here (maximum 1 hour per day, appointments cannot be booked more than two weeks in advance).
    2. Choose the appointment type that best suits your study level, language, and needs.
      1. NOTE: You must select “digital” if you intend to have an online appointment.
      2. 3. Check the schedule below to see if your writing tutor is located at the Veterinary Building or Sørhellinga.
      3. You can also try a "drop in" appointment by visiting one of our locations during opening hours; if free, an advisor will gladly meet with you.
    WC sched spring 2024 updated
  • Writing Centre Advisor Profiles, Niklas Mintorovitch

    Niklas Mintorovitch (ENG/NOR)

    Niklas is the leader of the Writing Centre. He has a masters degree in Cultural History from the University of Oslo and a teaching degree in Practical Pedagogy from Østfold University College. He has previously been working as a lecturer in the teacher education program at Østfold University College, and is still taking part in research projects concerning pedagogy. His academic interests include academic writing, cultural history, pedagogy, philosophy, science of religions and sustainable development. He gives advice in Norwegian and English, and is happy to help bachelors, masters, and PhD students.

    Writing Centre Advisor Profiles, Alissa Maenner

    Alissa Faith Maenner (ENG)

    Alissa F. Maenner is in the International Environmental and Development Studies Bachelor at Noragric. Alissa is from the United States where she worked as a writing advisor for peers in high school and university. She is proficient in English and Spanish, and can offer assistance in both. Alissa is proficient in helping student’s academic writing as well as creative writing and can help provide a safe space for students to receive feedback.

    Writing Centre Advisor Profiles, Are Granum

    Are Martin Granum (ENG/NOR)

    Are is currently in his fourth year of a masters in Food Science, and his academic interests include microbiology and fermentation as well as philosophy and literature. He also has some interest in physics and mathematics. Are is experienced in both writing and reading laboratory journals and articles. He is happy to assist you in Norwegian or English.

    Writing Centre Advisor Profiles, Berit Skogen REAL

    Berit Clare Skogen (ENG/NOR)

    Berit Skogen is an English Teaching Assistant from the United States through the Fulbright Program. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Nordic Studies and History from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She has passed the Norwegian fluency test and is able to conduct appointments in English or in Norwegian as a second language. She has previously published in both campus journals and magazines in the United States. She has been working in language acquisition as an instructor and advisor and looks forward to connecting with students at NMBU.

    Writing Centre Advisor Profiles, Khanh Le

    Phuong Khanh Le (ENG)

    Khanh is a student in Master of Data Science at the REALTEK faculty. She has been a writing advisor since her 2nd year of bachelor’s degree in International Environment and Development Studies at NMBU. Her academic interests include academic writing, environmental sustainability, and analysis within the healthcare sector. Khanh is happy to assist you in English.

    Writing Centre Advisor Profiles, Sondre Harstad

    Sondre Gretland Harstad (ENG/NOR)

    Sondre is a master’s student in Biology at NMBU with specialization in Molecular genomics and Evolution. Genetics, evolution and molecular biology are his primary fields of interest in addition to teaching and academic writing. Sondre can assist you in Norwegian and English.

    Writing Centre Advisor Profiles, Ylva Friberg

    Ylva Heyn Friberg (ENG/NOR)

    Ylva is currently in her first year of a master’s degree in Ecology. She previously studied a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Natural Resource Management at NMBU. Ylva has experience with reviewing and editing practical and academic texts, especially within the natural sciences. Her academic interests include entomology, wildlife management and conservation, and restoration ecology. Ylva is happy to assist bachelor and master students in Norwegian and English.

  • We offer advice and guidance in statistics. You can get help with experimental design, data processing and analysis, as well as interpretation and presentation of results.

    All master students at NMBU are welcome to book an appointment.

    Click on this link to book an appointment.

    The service is located at the Veterinary Building (LS1001) and is offered by the Bioinformatics and Event Statistics (BIAS) research group at the Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science (KBM)

    • SWR100 is designed to assist students at all levels throughout the writing process. The Resource Portal contains very detailed information on everything from planning to submission. All content in the portal is organized under modules.

      Click on the link above to get to SWR100 or:

      -Log in to Canvas

      -Click "Topics" in the lefthand menu

      -Click "More topics," then "All topics"

      -SWR100 should appear either in the top left or bottom right; click "join this topic."

    • Enjoy a variety of digital lectures and other video content on our YouTube-channel! Here, you can find information organized by topic and explore instruction at various lengths.

      New material is added regularly.

    • Niklas Mintorovitch and Clayton Gouin work to make academic writing engaging. This podcast aims to demystify the writing process, share tips, and explore the various challenges and opportunities in academia for students at all levels.

      All episodes can be found on the podcast's website and on the Writing Centre's YouTube channel, as well as on Spotify, Podcastaddict, Castbox, Overcast, Antennapod, Apple Podcasts, and Edge.

      The podcast is in English.

      • The Citation Compass: Website that teaches you most things about referencing, use of sources, and source criticism. Prepared by UiA, UiS and HSN. The website is available in both Norwegian and English.
      • NMBUs guidelines for referencing and citation
      • EndNote: Useful tool to help you collect references and create a bibliography when writing your text. The University Library offers a course in EndNote; check it out here.

      • Write & Cite
        Expert advice from the Writing Centre on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
        A Webpage with information on plagiarism and referencing.
      • NMBU Oria:
        NMBU's online search engine for academic literature
      • Databases by subject:
        Overview of databases that NMBU has access to for different academic diciplines 
      • Google Scholar:
        Google's search engine for academic references
  • Volume 12 of the NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences has now been published digitally!

    Access Volume 12 here

    The NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences Volume 12 is a collection of twelve peer-reviewed articles and two digital stories from diverse and interdisciplinary research, reflecting the various student voices at NMBU. All articles are carefully reviewed by the Review Board and edited by the Editorial Board together with the respective authors. To make the journal come alive, student artists have contributed with their stunning photographs and artwork. Finally, the layout and design team have done an exquisite job building the Student Journal

    Thank you to the authors and the whole publication team for all your time and efforts.

    We hope you enjoy Volume 12!

    Photo: Ruben Rygh

  • Are you interested in working as a writing advisor?

    At the end of each academic year, NMBU’s Writing Centre looks for new students to work as Writing Advisors. Writing Advisors not only help peers with academic writing through feedback – both online and in-person – they also develop their own writing and research skills.

    We are interested in recruiting Writing Advisors that can assist in Norwegian, English, or, ideally, both languages. Training is provided. Writing Advisors typically can expect to work within the Writing Centre for eight hours a week. Potential candidates must be NMBU students and should have:

    -          Good communication skills.

    -          Experience in academic writing.

    -          High level written English and/or Norwegian language

    -          High acadmic performance

    -          Desire to help others develop their scholastic skills

    It is also prferable for the applicant to have passed MTH300, LNG250, or to have completed another academic writing course.

    If you are interested in joining our team of professional students, please complete our application and reference forms. In addition, we ask that you to submit the following:

    -          A cover letter

    -          A resume (with references)

    -          Diploma

    -         A sample of your academic writing (term paper or part of thesis.)

    Submit the application to: before June 1st.