Your rights

Your rights and duties as a student are governed by the Universitets- og høgskoleloven  (The Law of Norwegian Higher Education) and Academic regulations for NMBU.

Did you know that you confirm that you have read Academic Regulations for The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Studieforskriften) when approving your education plan? Hereby you also agree that you know the guidelines concerning cheating and censurable acts at NMBU.

As a new student, you may want to look at this list!

Good to know:

- To be eligible for a study program, you must pay a semester fee and sign up within a given deadline.

- You have essentially three attempts to pass a subject. With a reasoned application to the Studieavdelingen (Study Department), a dispensation may be given to take the exam a fourth time.

- You are entitled to leave your studies if you have obtained at least 15 credits in your study program. Students who have been admitted to a program at the NMBU may apply for leave from the studies for a limited period up to two years. Application for leave is sent to and granted by the faculty/ faculties who are responsible for the study program the student is registered with.

- If you wish to complain about a formal error at the exam, this must be done within three weeks of the grade being announced. If you wish to justify the grade, this must be done within one week of getting the grade.

Published 9. November 2017 - 16:39 - Updated 1. June 2018 - 11:29