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The Student Board wish all new students welcome!

Are you ready for a new semester? We in the Student Board are!

Do you have any questions, a problem or just want to come by for a chat our office is at the Urbyggningen, U121. Our opening hour is 12-14 :)

Studentvalget vår 2017

Congratulations to the Newly elected representatives at the Student Election spring 2017

Here are the resaults from the Student Election at NMBU spring 2017! Check it out!

We wish them good luck in their new positions, and look forward to the good work!:)

Stem ved Studentvalget

The Student Election NMBU spring 2017


Link with voting portal will be sendt to all student on e-mail and text :)

YOou can find link to the candidate presentations here!


The Prince and Prinsess of Norway are visiting NMBU!

Attention, attention! The Prince and Princess of Norway will be
visiting NMBU on the 23. of march.
They will be arriving at the clock building at 10.45.
From 11.25 -11.45 they will be walking from the Clock building to Vitenparken. It is a great opportunity to welcome the royal couple.

Bike to work!

Biking for work Ås!

Ås kommune wants to stimulate for a more active travel route, where you use your body instead of the car! Join the biking to work campaign in the period 19. april-17.june. There will be nice prizes!

Welfare Funds

Have you remembered to apply for the Welfare Funds spring 2017?

Apply for welfare funds spring 2017, deadline 10th of February

Avtroppende og påtroppende Arbeidsutvalg ved Studentting 7 28.11.16

New Student Board!

Congratulations to the newly elected Student Board! And a big thank you to this year's Student Board for the good work you have done.


Important! All meeting for students

There will be an Allmøte (all meeting) for all the students at NMBU monday 7th of novemeber at 1900pm in Arabidopsis.
The purpose with Allmøte is that students can ask questions about the merge to the Student Board.
Please inform other students.


Student Parliament no. 4 in 4 minutes!

What was decided and discussed at Student Parliament no. 4? We give you Student Parliament 4 in 4 minutes!

Ringfest 2015. Taler fra scenen.

Job announcement: Manager of the graduation party committee

Dear graduate student!

As the tradition says, there will be hosted a large-scale gala dinner to mark the end of our master degrees. Therefore, the boards of Samfunnet (The Student Society) and the Student Parliament (AU) is seeking a person to lead the important work on making this year’s Graduation Party a successful event.

Husk å søke om velferdsmidler!

Remember to apply for welfare funds!

Remember to apply for this fall's welfare funds for you organization before September 15th at 11.59 pm!


Cheaper train tickets!

As from August 21st, Ruter's zones 2S and 3S will be merged into one zone. This results in cheaper train and bus tickets for travellers between Oslo and Ås.

Welcoming New international students.

Welcome to the new international students!

A warm welcome to the new international students! We are happy to see you here, and hope you will enjoy your stay in Ås and Norway. The Student Board's office is in the clock building, first floor to the right. You're more than welcome to come by for a cup of coffee and a nice chat.


Hired rector and 7 units

After last week's university board meeting, the board decided that there will be a hired rector and 7 units at NMBU.

Lær for eksempel om de små hjelperne som overfører blomsterstøv til arret på en blomst.

Nominate your favorite lecturer!

Nominate your favorite lecturer to become "Best lecturer of the Spring semester 2016"!

Påtroppende leder og nestleder i Studenttingets Arbeidsutvalg etter Studentvalget 2016.

Congratulations to the newly elected!

Congratulations to the newly elected to the University Board and Student Board!

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