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What is Studenttinget? Why should you as a student take interest in the Student Democracy? What is  the difference between the Student Democracy, Studentting, Studentråd and Studenttingets Arbeidsutvalg?

About Student Democracy

There are elected students who defend your rights and represent you in all matters at NMBU.  Studenttinget (The Student Parliament) organizes elected students at all levels at NMBU. Studenttingets Arbeidsutvag (AU) (The Student Board) is the student's contact management team and works daily to ensure that the student's role is taken care of by the university.

It is you who know your every day best! Why not share it with those who need that information?

The Student Democracy includes all representatives in the organization.

All students are organized through their local student democracy by the Universitets- og Høgskoleloven by having 20% ​​student participation in all decision-making bodies at NMBU. The student democracy at NMBU therefore consists of elected students on all levels, from individual groups for the subjects at your faculty, to the central level at the university.

Through your chosen class representative, who is elected at Stud001, you are represented in Studentrådet (The Student Council) at your faculty.

At each faculty there is a Studentråd that deals with what concerns students at the representative faculty. Each of the 7 faculties has its own Studentråd, leaded by two student representatives elected at the Allmøte. Allmøtet is one of the top decision-making arenas in your faculty. Here all students at the faculty have attending, proposal and voting rights. Here are the Studentråd and Studentting representatives elected. All students have a right to speak on Studentting, but only the student representatives have the right to suggestions and voting. It is therefore important that you at the Allmøte of your department choose your student representative.

What issues are dealt with depends on the content of the case. If you are dissatisfied with the curriculum of a subject, your course of study or a physical learning environment, Studentrådet is the place to go. Here are union representatives for different reference groups at your faculty who work with matters specific to your faculty. Studentrådet also includes representatives from Fakultetsstyret (the faculty board), which take matters further at your faculty. Studenttinget is the central part of the Student Democracy and addresses issues that apply to all students at NMBU. Examples of things here are the learning environment, campus policy, student welfare and student residence.

Studenttinget is the highest decision-making student body at NMBU. They consists of 25 representatives from all over the university, here are all faculties represented. These representatives will together adopt the student policy on NMBU. Studentting meets three times during the semester. Studenttingets Arbeidsutvalg represents the students between Studentting.

Studenttingets Arbeidsutvalg is Studenttinges working group, and is supposed to represent their politics. The committee consists of 6 representatives in addition to the secretary of the organization, two full-time and 4 part-time representatives next to full-time studies.

As a student at NMBU you are a citizen of NMBU. That means you have rights and obligations that are mutual for all citizens. This is a premise for your participation. It means that you as a citizen not only have certain rights, but that you can change and influence them. This is important for academia's independence, credibility and existence.

It's YOU as a student who decide who will represent you. The representatives who will represent you at Studentting will be selected in the autumn each year. Here, ALL students at NMBU can run for positions and everyone has the right to vote.

Published 9. November 2017 - 17:29 - Updated 9. November 2017 - 17:29

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