Speak up about educational quality and learning environment

Every student should give his / her feedback on teaching, courses and study program directly to the course responsible, program manager or faculty.

There are both regular and periodic evaluations and surveys you as a student can use to give us feedback on both what is positive and what can be improved.

Courses, teaching and guidance

  • Respond to course evaluation, both during the semester and in the end.
  • Contact the course responsible / supervisor directly and have a dialogue to find a good solution
  • Contact student union representatives and use the student democracy at the faculty when needed

Your study program

  • All study programs must have a program committee for which you can register cases.
  • Use the student representatives and the student council at the faculty
  • Participate in the annual national quality study survey - The Study Barometer
  • Participate in well-being surveys and other surveys carried out by NMBU
  • Through the annual processing and approval of the program reports at the faculty, the students can submit their input to the report
  • Get involved in the periodic evaluation of the program
  • Participate in candidate surveys when you have graduated - where you can give feedback on the relevance of your program

About well-being and psychosocial learning environment

The psychosocial learning environment is all psychological and social factors that affect your well-being, health and learning at the place of study, and includes everything from interpersonal interaction, social environment, equal treatment, bullying and harassment.

  • Address challenges related to the learning environment with those closest to being able to do something about the situation
  • All new students are encouraged to respond to the survey given after the introduction week
  • Participate in the student health surveys
  • Report on any unacceptable circumstances that can affect individuals at NMBU or NMBU as a business

Problems related to the learning environment should be attempted solved at the lowest possible level, and the main rule is to address the person concerned directly - whether it is a fellow student, teacher, supervisor or others. If this doesn't lead to or is difficult, contact the student advisor, the students' information center, the dean or the student representatives.

The health center for youth and NMBU students in Ås can contribute with guidance and help in the case of dissatisfaction, difficult thoughts and feelings or psychological difficulties

Feedback on completion of the exam

How was your exam? Whether it is praise or criticism please let us know eksamen@nmbu.no

Published 17. June 2019 - 15:35 - Updated 4. October 2021 - 14:28