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Other Projects - Application 2018

You can apply for support for other projects not exceeding €5,000 in specific areas where Nordic cooperation can add particular value. Other projects include the planning of courses, support to application writing to other funding bodies and other pedagogical projects in order to foster new or existing networks. The initiative must be anchored at the respective institutions.

Applications are accepted continuously.

The purpose of the grant is to facilitate Nordic cooperation in PhD and master's education. Applications regarding planning of courses, programmes, and other educational projects are welcome. This includes support regarding application writing to other funding bodies, for example the EU or the Nordic Council. The grant can be used to cover costs for arranging planning meetings or administrative support during the application process.

The NOVA Chair prioritises applications with a Nordic dimension and added value. Please read more in the sections "how to apply" and "requirements" below.

If you wish information on relevant cooperation partners at other NOVA institutions, please contact the NOVA Secretariat or the local NOVA coordinators.

How to apply
Only applications submitted in NOVA's online application system will be accepted. NOVA's budget template must be downloaded, filled in and uploaded in the application. Both the application and the budget template have small explanatory texts that will guide you through the process. The application and the budget must be complete before submission. Please find the link to the application form and budget template in the margin. NB! The NOVA Chair will only review complete applications that meet the requirements and are in accordance with NOVA's regulations.

Nordic Dimension and Added Value
For projects that the NOVA Chair reviews, the most important evaluation criterion is how well the course promotes the Nordic dimension as defined in the NOVA Strategy. This should be shown qualitatively, not quantitatively. Criteria that will be taken into account therefore include the items listed below, and applicants must clearly address these:

  1. Does the topic fit with NOVA’s Strategy and is it in accordance with the priorities, if any, set by the Board.
  2. Does the course/project provide postgraduate students with high-quality education in fields where the critical mass in one country alone would be too small, or fields with a specific Nordic dimension, defined by, e.g., geographical, climatic or cultural commonalities?
  3. What is the added value of the course/project? Does it, for example, promote the exchange of best practices in teaching and discipline know-how between teachers? Does it facilitate other forms of cooperation between teachers and students, for example on research?

Decision on the application will normally be made by the NOVA Chair within two months from reception of a complete application.

Feel free to report any problems or errors to the NOVA Secretariat: secretariat[a]


  • There shall be joint Nordic planning of projects and a clear added value of organising projects in the NOVA Network. All activities financed by NOVA must be research based.
  • NOVA strongly encourages that NOVA activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • The head applicant is responsible for the application and is in charge of the project. The head applicant and the course leader of the course connected to the application, if any, must be scientific staff members at NOVA member institutions. 
  • Project implementation: 2018 or 2019
  • The initiative must be anchored at the respective institutions.

Expenses covered
The following types of expenses can be covered in accordance with the NOVA rules: accommodation, travel, remuneration for external staff, meals, miscellaneous (e.g. meeting room rent, video conference etc.) and administration. The grant will not cover salary for staff employed at a NOVA member institution, publishing costs and central overheads.

For more detailed information on expenses that can be covered, please see the regulations or the comments in the budget template.

Grant and Administration in Short
(Detailed information is available in the regulations.)

  • Grant
    • The maximum grant at the application stage is based on the costs in the budget.
    • The disbursed amount will be based on real costs.
    • The final maximum grant can never exceed the maximum grant guaranteed in the decision.
    • The expenses should follow the budget presented in the application unless otherwise stated in the decision letter. For the budget items for which there is restricted funding (i.e. remuneration etc.), this limit can never be exceeded. For other budget items, minor deviations are acceptable. For major deviations, the NOVA Secretariat must be contacted.
  • Reporting
    • The head applicant and the head of the hosting department/faculty must sign an administration acknowledgement form concerning the economy and the administration of the project.
    • The head applicant is responsible for administering the project.
    • The final report to NOVA is submitted in NOVA’s online reporting system. NOVA’s financial report template must be filled in.
    • The final report shall be submitted within the deadline stated in the administration acknowledgement, 3 months after the end of the project. NOVA adheres to a very strict policy for reporting deadlines.
  • Disbursement
    • The grant will be disbursed after the end of the project and after the final report has been submitted to and has been accepted by NOVA.
    • An advance disbursement of up to 60% of the maximum grant can be requested, but is not guaranteed.

Please see NOVA's regulations for detailed information on the funding model, requirements, processing of applications and instructions for grant holders.

Published 14. February 2018 - 13:38 - Updated 14. February 2018 - 14:43