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Course Fees - NOVA PhD Courses

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Here you will find general information on course fees and on how accommodation and meals are covered on NOVA PhD courses as of 1 Jan. 2018. The actual costs for each course will be published on the course's information web page as soon as they have been decided.

Course Fees

  • There is no course fee on NOVA PhD courses for NOVA and BOVA students, i.e. students that are registered at one of the NOVA or BOVA member institutions.
    • Please note that veterinary students enrolled in residency programmes in the international and national specialisation programmes are considered equal to veterinary PhD students.
    • Exception: Students registered at a part of a NOVA member institution that is not member of NOVA, are not considered NOVA students, but as “other Nordic non-NOVA students”. They must pay a course fee of minimum €200. This applies to certain students at Aarhus University, Science and Technology*, and to all students at the faculties of the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland that are not part of NOVA.
  • All other students/participants must pay a course fee of minimum €200. The course organiser decides the amount of the course fee. Please see the course information web pages for the course fee for each individual course.

Accommodation and Meals
There are different regulations regarding how accommodation and meals are covered depending on when the course organiser applied to NOVA for financing of the NOVA PhD course.

  • NOVA PhD courses - application submitted before 1 Jan. 2018
    On these courses, NOVA does not cover accommodation for any participants. Meal costs for maximum 25 NOVA and BOVA PhD/Licentiate and qualified Master’s students can be covered by NOVA (maximum €30/day/person). Other participants will be charged for meal costs by the course organiser.
  • NOVA PhD courses - application submitted after 1 Jan. 2018
    Forthese courses, it is registered on the course information web page whether the participants must pay for accommodation and meals. It is the course organiser’s decision whether and by how much these costs are covered by the funding from NOVA.

NOVA Member Institutions

BOVA Member Institutions

*Units at Aarhus University, Science and Technology  NOVA Members
Below is a comprehensive list of the academic units at Aarhus University which are NOVA members. All the students of Aarhus University who are NOT registered at one of these units, are not considered NOVA students, but as "other Nordic non-NOVA students".

Aarhus University, Science and Technology: NOVA Member Units

  • Dept. of Agroecology - Sections
    • Agricultural Systems and Sustainability
    • Climate and Water
    • Crop Health
    • Enthomology and Plant Pathology
    • Soil Fertility
    • Soil Physics and Hydropedology

  • Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Centers/sections
    • Centre for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics
    • Molecular Genetics
    • Crop Genetics and Biotechnology

  • Dept. of Food Science - Science teamsPlant, Food & Sustainability
    • Plant, Food & Climate
    • Differentiated & Biofunctional Foods
    • Food Chemistry & Technology
    • Food, Metabolomics & Sensory Science

  • Dept. of Animal Science – Research Units
    • Behaviour and stress biology
    • Epidemiology and management
    • Reproductive biology
    • Animal nutrition and environmental impact
    • Immunology and microbiology
    • Integrative physiology
    • Molecular nutrition and cell biology

  • Dept. of Engineering - Sections
    • Biological and Chemical Engineering
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