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NOVA PhD Courses

NOVA offers PhD courses in a wide range of subject areas within the disciplines of life sciences.

A NOVA PhD course is arranged by a group of Nordic teachers and researchers. On many courses, non-Nordic world leading experts are invited as guest teachers. All NOVA funded PhD courses have went through a quality control and the funding from NOVA ensures that sufficient resources are allocated the course.

NOVA courses are open to everyone with the required background, but PhD students from NOVA member institutions are prioritised in the admission. Master's students from the NOVA member institutions can after approval of the course organisers also be accepted to the course.

Course fee and accommodation
Students registered at NOVA member institutions do not pay any course fee. Please note that not all of the students/study programmes of Aarhus University  belong to NOVA. To check if you are a NOVA student, please see this link.

Accommodation and travel costs are not covered by NOVA. Students normally apply for coverage of such expenses from their home university or other sources. Non-NOVA students are welcome if place is available, but must pay a course fee and for meals and accommodation. Students from any of the BOVA members are relieved from course fee.

Admission is handled by the course leader/ the NOVA member institution organising the course - information is found in the course information.

Published 5. November 2014 - 9:31 - Updated 1. February 2019 - 11:10