NOVA Master's course of 5 ECTS, organised by Prof. Roel Veerkamp, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.Course dates and location: 21-25 Aug. 2017 in Hafjell, Norway.
NOVA Master's course of 5 ECTS, organised by Senior Scientist Martin Riis Weisbjerg, Aarhus University - Faculty of Science and Technology.Course dates and location: 7-17 August 2017 in Viborg, Denmark.
NOVA Master's course of 6 ECTS, organised by John Debenham, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.Dates and location: 7-18 August 2017 in Tangen, Norway.
NOVA Master's course of 3 ECTS, organised by Dr. Ingeborg Menzler Hokkanen, University of Helsinki - Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Course dates and location: 11-15 Dec. 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.

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