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About Nordplus

Scholarships for studying and teaching at another Nordic or Baltic Universities

Nordplus is a scholarship programme of the Nordic Ministry designed for Nordic universities. Nordplus is based on networks between universities / faculties, and students whose faculty is a member of this kind of network can participate in the Nordplus exchange. NOVA / BOVA Nordplus network was established in 2008 and it grants mobility scholarships for students and teachers in NOVA and BOVA member universities.

The Nordplus programme also offers grants for teachers for planning and running intensive courses in Bachelor and Master level and for developing joint study programmes.

NOVA/BOVA Nordplus Network members:


University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences , HEALTH

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science , SCIENCE

Aarhus University, Science and Technology, AU-ST


University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, HU-AF

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Veterinary medicine, HU-V

University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Sciences, UEF-F


The Agricultural University of Iceland, LBHI


Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU



Estonian University of Life Sciences, EMU



Latvia University of Agriculture, LUA



Aleksandras Stulginskis University; ASU

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences - Veterinary Academy





Central coordinator of the NOVA-BOVA Nordplus Network is Geir Löe, SLU.

Contact: nordplus[at]



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