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Local NOVA Coordinators

Each member institution has a local NOVA coordinator. He/she is responsible for the contact between administration, teahcers and students at the local member institution and with the NOVA secretariat.

Among the local NOVA coordinators' tasks are:

  • Promote NOVA at the home institution
  • Contribute to two-year NOVA activity plans
  • Help preparing NOVA meetings hosted by the home institution
  • Assist in the application process for a NOVA grant
  • Assist in the administration and reporting of a NOVA grant
  • Give teachers information on relevant cooperation partners at other NOVA institutions

Local NOVA Coordinators

Aarhus University, Science and Technology Liselotte K. Heller

Agricultural University of Iceland Thorunn Reykdal

+354 8435350
Norwegian University of Life Sciences Ingrid A. Hjetland + 47 67 23 01 25
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Geir Löe
University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Science Pauliina Karvinen + 358 50 4422 572
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Ilkka Reenilä +358 2941 59462
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Ilkka Reenilä +358 2941 59462

Contact person at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science: Niels Brix Hornbek,

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