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NOVA Strategy

The NOVA Board approved the NOVA Strategy 2018-2021 on 11 December 2017. Previous strategies are available at the bottom of this page.

Strategy 2018-2021

(English language proofing on 30 January 2018. Details on main activities, implementation and administrative framework are available when one clicks on the bullet points.)


The NOVA University Network (NOVA UN) was established in 1995. It is a platform for cooperation on teaching and research between Nordic Universities within Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences. Current NOVA UN members: Aarhus University: Science and Technology; the University of Helsinki: Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Eastern Finland: School of Forest Sciences; the Agricultural University of Iceland; the Norwegian University of Life Sciences; and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

The NOVA UN member institutions contribute to developments in the sustainable use of natural resources, food production, health and welfare protection of human beings and animals, and towards enhancing the capacity for the use of land, water, plants and animals in accordance with sustainable principles. The main task of NOVA UN is to initiate, administer and promote cooperation between the member institutes on postgraduate education.


The mission of NOVA UN is to engage in Nordic cooperation in higher education to advance our understanding of sustainable use and management of natural resources in a Nordic and global context. NOVA UN promotes the sharing and implementation of good practices in the Nordic countries. NOVA UN provides a platform for networking between Nordic postgraduate students and senior researchers. NOVA UN facilitates high-quality education for postgraduate students and other scientists, in fields where the critical mass in one country alone would be too small to offer courses, or in fields with a specific Nordic dimension, defined by, for example, geographical, climatic or cultural commonalities. NOVA UN can set thematic priorities that are announced in connection with the call for applications.


The vision of NOVA UN is to maintain and utilise the already extensive and well-functioning Nordic cooperation with a view to becoming more competitive in the international arena in the areas addressed by NOVA UN.


As a platform for cooperation between Nordic Universities within Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, NOVA UN operates on the basis of the core value of nurturing and strengthening the Nordic dimension. Activities facilitated within NOVA UN are research based and based on joint Nordic collaboration. There is a clear added value of organising activities within NOVA UN. NOVA UN strongly encourages that NOVA activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Main activities


Administrative framework


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